Friday, December 7, 2012

a peek at my Tarot collection

Since I first blogged with my Tarot cards, I've gotten lots of inquiries into my use of Tarot and such.  I love using my Tarot cards (I do at least once a day!) and am constantly researching their history and different divination techniques.  When it comes to Tarot decks in general, I prefer ones that are more artistic and historical rather than contemporary.  I tend to stay away from decks that are too cartoon-ish, as I find them unattractive and distracting.
My first deck - The Original Rider Waite Tarot.  This is my favorite deck, partially because it was my first, but mostly because it is so timeless.  This is the deck of all decks, in my opinion, and is the deck that all other decks are measured against before purchasing.  This is the deck I use most often and is the one I can most easily read and relate to.
The Enchanted Tarot.  Unless decks are carefully researched, it is very hard to tell what most of the cards will look like upon opening a new deck.  There are usually a few showcased on the box, or if you are buying from a specialized new age store, they may have a few sample cards you can ask to see.  With this deck, I liked the look of the few that I was able to see on the box, and so I bought it.  However, I became a little disappointed upon opening and perusing my new cards.  While they are gorgeous, I prefer to have a classical theme (similar to the Rider Waite deck) to my cards and these definitely had more of a Victorian vibe to them.  These cards are a bit longer than traditional cards, which does make more room for the picture, but also makes shuffling harder.  I admire the simple design on the back, but I wish it were printed on something other than white as I am always afraid of getting them dirty.
The Celtic Tarot.  I am absolutely in love with this deck.  It is colorful, front and back, and the images are more than gorgeous and done in true Celtic style.  
Medieval Tarot.  This deck was picked up at an independent bookstore in a pack that included a book, but the deck/pack had no formal name.  I'm just calling it Medieval Tarot because that's what it looks like to me (it closely resembles the Marseille Tarot, but I don't think it is).  I love the old fashioned art and the french wording on these cards.  Then only thing I don't like (and it's kind of a big thing) is that back design of the cards does not match the theme of the actual card designs at all!  I'd rather have them have a blank back than this mismatched one.
The most beautiful of my decks is the Golden Botticelli Tarot.  I bought this particular one when I was visiting B in Madison.  We happened into a bookstore (so dangerous) and found ourselves back in the new age section.  As I looked over the Tarot decks, I noticed this one.  While the other ones were all in box sets, big and colorful, this one was just sitting there, in a small and mostly black box, it didn't even have a price on it.  It looked sorely out of place.  I picked it up and as I examined the box, I knew I was hooked. It turned out to be the most expensive of my collection ($30 while all of the others were between $10 and $20).  They were definitely worth it, each card with a different Botticelli-esque painting and decorated with shiny gold highlights.  This is the deck I am currently using.


DawnieP said...

These are so gorgeous, I love that you have all these amazing interests. The art on the cards is so beautiful as well and I love your shoots with them!


seacreatures said...

i had no idea you had so many decks! i looked for the golden botticelli tarot at barnes and nobel and they are gone! it was such a great find!
i also love your shoots when you use the decks, so cool!
thanks for sharing!

melissa said...

I agree with you I still cant put down my rider waite deck as it is my first as well.

Other decks have come and go but i always find myself moving back towards it, or another RW clone that i feel comfortable with.

Love your blog

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