Friday, January 18, 2013

alone need not be lonely

I honestly think that this dress is my favorite thrift find ever.  And I know, I probably think this about every piece I thrift, but this one seems to have withstood the test of time.  I never tire of it's bold color and pretty print.  I may love how it stands out so beautifully in the bleak midwinter more than I love how it looks among the colors of summer.
 dress, cardigan, hat, jewelry - thrifted ; boots - dirty laundry


Sabrilett said...

Is definitely more of a winter dress but is so pretty! love the color and how it stands out with the tights <3

Sabrilett's Armoire

Romy said...

I love this look ! The boots and dress go so well together ! Very grunge ;)

Bekka said...

The dress is gorgeous but your boots - I love them.

SoFashionistica said...

Omg! You and I must have been separated sisters, we have the same hair pretty much AND I just saw we have those SAME boots! Lol Great minds DO think alike!

SoFashionistica said...

You and I have the same hair, which I think one of us noticed that awhile ago and now the same boots! Great minds really DO think alike!

Teddi said...

it looks fantastic on you. no wonder it's your fave thrifted find. fun laces too, indy girl! :)

seacreatures said...

your hair is so looonnnggg!
also, before i even read that post, i thought "i think that is one of my favorite of her dresses!
so funny.
lovely as always :)

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