Friday, January 11, 2013

the fab factor Q&A: ask me

In an effort to become more open and to give you, my darling readers, a chance to get to know me better, I've decided to hold a Q&A session.  Please feel free to ask me anything at all (it doesn't have to be style related!). Leave your question/s in the comment section of this post or shoot me an email ( I'm planning on making a blog post (or several...maybe even a video blog...we'll see!) devoted to answering questions.


Marzipan said...

You are so cute <3

I Art Fashion said...

You look awesome in that pic :)

Question- Have you ever gone through your old posts and noticed how your blog and you have develop? What are your thoughts about?

Tina said...

You always seen to have the tights game locked down. I see you buy a lot of them at Target, but would just LOVE for you to do a post on your legwear collection, maybe with a picture of your tights drawer and some pics of the tights themselves!

seacreatures said...

what are your favorite movies? (i honestly don't know!)
what are three things you could never leave behind and always carry with you from place to place?
what is your favorite daydream?


love ya.

Sara said...

Hi again! (I know it's been quite a while and that you probably don't remember me, but stil...)

I'm happy that you are still around and that your blog has grown over all these years!

Since I've lost track of your posts and seen this before reading further back, I will ask you some Qs but if you've already answered them, you know, just ignore me :)

What do you do? Do you study/work? And if so what and where and how do you find time to blog and take pictures and all that stuff you post?

Over all these years (almost 4 if I'm not wrong) how has your style evolved? Does taking pictures of your outfits help you to put an effort every morning?

And last, I remember that you said you chopped off your locks for a good cause together with your brother. Has your hair grown again to the point were it was? Would you do it again?



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