Tuesday, February 19, 2013

we are made of star stuff

This growing old is getting old
I often find myself here thinking
'bout the birds, the boats and past loves
that flew away or started sinking.
And it's crazy here without you
I used to think this all was ours
we'd stay up late, debate on how we find our way
you say, "It's all up in the stars."

Monday, February 18, 2013

she never said never

hat, coat - H&M ; shirt, skirt - thrifted ; shoes - Charlotte Russe ; scarf - Brilliant Stranger

Thursday, February 14, 2013

glimpses 2/1/13-2/14/2013

Even though I haven't been working these past few weeks, it seems that I have still been pretty busy!  I went home to visit my family and hung out with some friends I hadn't seen since high school.  We played the Game of Things (best.game.ever).  I've shoveled a lot of snow, and even with all the shoveling, I managed to get my car stuck in my driveway at least four or five times.  Today I actually had to get it towed out.  (And it's STILL snowing.)  I threw a surprise get together for my best friend's 25th birthday (he had no idea!), and had a cupcake-making adventure for said get together with a Russian friend.  I've finished several books (currently reading Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson and The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz), and have also taken up journaling again.  I hit a deer with my car (don't worry, it lived) and now my car has a chronic wink, at least until I find the time (and money) to get it fixed.  I've been working out almost every day and even playing some basketball with friends (nothing but net, naturally).  Yesterday I even cut my own hair, rather reckless - curls all up in my bathroom sink - but satisfying.  And of course, I've been playing a lot of pool.  And by "a lot" I mean A LOT.
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