Sunday, July 28, 2013

we slow danced along to faster tunes

I usually avoid buying anything white because I'm always afraid of getting it dirty, however I couldn't resist this gorgeous top.  I love everything about it - the silky material, the pretty collar, the uneven hem, and the fact that it is a tad bit sheer without being overly revealing. I appreciate clothing that is sexy in an understated way, and this top is a perfect example of that quality. I paired it with black velvet leggings and instantly loved the great rock n' roll vibe.
  leggings, shirt - thrifted ; shoes - Charlotte Russe ; hat, ring - H&M


Laura said...

That top is just perfect! The leggings really do make it look so rock and roll! So classic!


Natasha said...

When I was younger I never wore white because I always spilled food on myself :D I only realised last year that it's ok for me to start buying white shirts again. This one is really nice, so stylish and timeless.

Carly said...

I think your hair looks fabulous like this and of course the outfit is beautiful too! xxx

Klara said...

Oh, the shirt is indeed lovely, I bet the fabric is silky smooth, at least it would seem so judging by the photos. It reminded me of one similarly fabulous one that I've recently seen in a similar shape, sporting those darling tiny golden ball-studs... Seems I hate studs unless they're tiny ;). Gotta check out if it's still available.

Olivia Emily said...

Aha I know what you mean about being afraid of getting white dirty ^.^'
You look amazing though, love this outfit!
Loving your posts so far, just followed you, can't wait to see more :) xx

abbycake said...

I am always SO hesitant of wearing white for just the same reason. Though I do love this top AND the photo location. I want to do some cemetery outfit photos soon.

xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Ellynn PIEKARSKI said...

Nice pictures

I like your look and your blog

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