Monday, August 12, 2013

to hear the softly spoken magic spells

Alas, I did not attend the Roger Waters World Tour, but I am thoroughly enjoying this thrifted shirt donated by someone who did. I cut off the sleeves and collar to enhance the grungy rock and roll insouciance and then paired it with these fucking awesome pants. I originally bought these pants to wear to work, but I have started wearing them all the time. They are dress pants, by my standards, but it's that sassy high water length that just tones down the dressiness and makes them, you know, cool (and reminiscent of the style favored by my favorite band, FUN.). I added some pretty ear cuffs and some other silver jewelry, pinned my hair up high (click here for my tutorial on this hairstyle), and slipped into my favorite flats to finish off this casual outfit.
shirt - thrifted/DIY'd ; pants, shoes - Target ; dangle cuff - Claire's ; 
wire cuff - ArianrhodWolfchild Etsy ; rings, sunglasses - H&M


Olivia Emily said...

Love this outfit! The casual tee look awesome with the smarter (but sassy-length!) trousers <3 xx

Fashionably Sparkly said...

I love the earcuffs! and the whole outfit looks amazing! :D

Fashionably Sparkly

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