Thursday, September 19, 2013

why I'll never wear sweatpants to bed again

Thanks to a shift in my work schedules I have a few more mornings off each week, and with this extra time off I am quickly learning to better appreciate my little collection of thrifted and vintage nightgowns and pajamas. I have never actually bought anything like that new because a) I'm not usually looking for nightwear and b) even if I didn't stumble upon something pretty, chances are I would consider it too expensive for something I couldn't (shouldn't) wear out of the house. However, the racks at the local thrift stores have proven to be a treasure trove of beautiful pieces for mere dollars. I have found absolutely gorgeous vintage nightgowns, nighties with matching robes, and lots of pretty pajama sets that are more often than not made of pure silk and seem hardly worn. They're easy to bring home and toss in the wash, and in a matter of hours they're clean and hanging off the hooks on the back of my door waiting for me to come home from work and slip into something a little more comfortable. And, I'm not gonna lie, lazing about in something silky makes me feel a whole lot sexier than wearing the same ol' sweats and threadbare tees every night.

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Lorna Midwood said...

Im not the biggest fan of silky pjs i prefer something snuggly and warmer. I've never thought to look for them in charity shops. I'll be making sure i take a look next time im shopping xxx

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