Monday, November 11, 2013

wearing: checked coat on a blustery day

It was windy beyond all reason when I ventured out for these photos today. My tripod even blew over at one point - eek! For the most part this pretty coat helped keep me warm, though I do find the lack of pockets deeply disturbing, especially on a day like today - my fingers were frozen by the time I got back into my car!

Luna and I are slowly getting settled into our new home. I can tell she misses Maceo (my old roommate's cat) and she's compensating for it by following me around everywhere and being extra cuddly (I'm not going to lie, I love the extra kitty snuggles). She is timid around my new roommate and, though she doesn't run to hide under my bed every time she hears him anymore, she still won't let him near. She mostly just peeks at him through the rungs on the stairwell when he walks by. She's very curious.
 coat - c/o eShakti // skirt, belt, gauntlets - thrifted // 
boots - Simply Vera // scarf - Brilliant Stranger // hat - H&M

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