Friday, November 15, 2013

wearing: long dress and a faux leather vest

 I really don't know what to say about this outfit other than look, I layered a sweater over a vest boom, LAYERING MASTER OH SNAP. Yeah, shouldn't have said anything.

ANYWAYS, I spent the first night alone in my new home last night (both my roommates were gone) and did a terrific job of scaring the bejeebers outta myself. My goodness, though, this house is so loud. Every little noise had me (and Luna) perking our ears up as we tried to deduce the source of said noises without leaving the comfort of my bed. But I survived to blog another day. Today I'll be taking care of the remaining "moving in clutter," which I'm super happy about. Then maaaaaaybe things can start getting back to normal. Please.
dress, hat - H&M // vest, sweater - thrifted // scarf - Brilliant Stranger // boots - Candies

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