Wednesday, December 11, 2013

on the inside we're all the same // skull makeup

Perhaps you remember this post I published featuring similar skull makeup? Well, I decided to revisit that theme this week - blame it on the subzero temperatures and lack of motivation to do anything other than make pillow forts, read books and drink tea in said pillow forts, and coerce my living mates into letting me draw on them. I definitely improved the technique from the last time, especially in the teeth which are far more detailed (compare the last picture in this post with the last picture in this post!). I absolutely love experimenting with makeup this way - I get to be an artist and also learn about something truly fascinating to me. Even though I took a class in college that focused on bones in the human body, the research I did before undertaking these projects helped me immensely in understanding the intricacies of the human skull. However, I was striving more for an artistic statement rather than anatomical correctness (for example, my "skull" shows 37 teeth whereas most adults only have 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth). I think the human body is so incredibly beautiful, I love celebrating it through this medium.

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