Friday, December 13, 2013

wearing: a pretty blue coat and an ochre knit hat

Here's the story of this hat. I was working one day last fall when a mother and daughter walked into my shop and started to browse. The daughter was wearing the greatest knit hat I'd ever seen, and when the pair approached the counter I said as much. She told me that she had just bought it a few minutes beforehand at a shop down the street. Well, hot damn! On my break I walked down to said shop and found the same hat the girl had been wearing, but better - they had it in my favorite color! Sooooo I bought it. The end. Or, the beginning.
dress, boots - thrifted // coat, gauntlets - H&M // 
scarf, hat - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, WI) // tights - Charlotte Russe
photos >> Shepley

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