Sunday, December 15, 2013

wearing: red sweater in the snow

Snow fell continuously throughout the day and coated the peninsula in soft fluffy blanket. It was one of the most beautiful snowy days I've ever experienced, a truly quintessential winter scene, as if the whole peninsula was captured in a pretty snow globe. One day like this is enough for me to make all the miserable frigid days worth it. I love living in a place where I experience all four seasons! When I woke up and saw the snow out falling outside my window, I knew immediately I needed to wear something red because, seriously no other color looks as fantastic in the snow, amirite? I quickly was reminded of the utter lack of clothing in my closet that isn't black, so (while promising to right this issue soon) I decided again upon this gorgeous sweater. I pulled it on over a long-sleeved velvet dress and added a warm scarf on top of it and was pleasantly surprised at how warm I stayed.
dress, sweater - thrifted // scarf - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, WI) //
 hat, gauntlets, booties - H&M // bow tights - Target
photos >> Shepley


Laura Whitman said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! Red is such a perfect color on you!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love these snowy pictures and your red sweater!
Sincerely, Sara

Imogen said...

These pictures are so stunning. The snow makes for such beautiful pictures.I always find it interesting, around this time of year, to see the beautiful pictures that other bloggers have with snow. I love how to red looks against the snow. I've never had to dress for the snow but if I did I think I'd be wearing red all the time.

Anonymous said...

looks like a beautiful day for a fireplace.

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