Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Luna: one year later

Last year on one of my days off I decided to go horseback riding at a stable about twenty minutes away from my house. Little did I know that I'd be coming home with a kitten (hey, at least it wasn't a horse). I peered into the kennel full of tiny mewing fur balls, pointed, and said, "May I hold that one?" Well, of course after holding the tiny black kitten in my arms I couldn't bear to put her back, sooooo she came home with me. The stable didn't have a box or anything to give me to put her in on the drive back home, and, let me tell you, trying to drive with a six week old kitten mewing and climbing all over the car is NOT a good idea! When I stopped at a stop sign, I plucked her up and stuffed her under my shirt for the rest of the ride home (enduring kitten claws on my bare torso where she tried to climb me - eesh). I knew immediately I would name her Luna (the Latin word for 'moon') as an homage to the blue moon we experienced the week I adopted her. She was the tiniest kitty I'd ever seen, and she still is relatively petite for a grown cat.  I love her so much, she is just the sassiest little dickens. Preparing this post I looked back through most of my photos from last fall and winter and totally had a little sniffle fest - MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP (at which point I scooped her up and smothered her with kisses and baby talk...she loved it, no she didn't, she actually ran away, haha, LUNAAAA COME BAAAACK...ok).

Friday, August 16, 2013

gypsy mode: on

I am so so SO excited to be able to share that finally, after years of dreaming, wishing, and saving, I am the proud owner of a big beautiful '91 Chevy Van.I get goosebumps thinking about all the amazing adventures I'm going to have in this ol' thing, and I can't wait to finally get her out on her first real trip. However, she does need a bit (ok, actually a LOT) of work before I'll be able to take her for a cross country trek, but that is what having three jobs is all about, right?
skirt - Nasty Gal ; shirt - Summerfest 2012 ; shoes - Charlotte Russe

Monday, August 12, 2013

to hear the softly spoken magic spells

Alas, I did not attend the Roger Waters World Tour, but I am thoroughly enjoying this thrifted shirt donated by someone who did. I cut off the sleeves and collar to enhance the grungy rock and roll insouciance and then paired it with these fucking awesome pants. I originally bought these pants to wear to work, but I have started wearing them all the time. They are dress pants, by my standards, but it's that sassy high water length that just tones down the dressiness and makes them, you know, cool (and reminiscent of the style favored by my favorite band, FUN.). I added some pretty ear cuffs and some other silver jewelry, pinned my hair up high (click here for my tutorial on this hairstyle), and slipped into my favorite flats to finish off this casual outfit.
shirt - thrifted/DIY'd ; pants, shoes - Target ; dangle cuff - Claire's ; 
wire cuff - ArianrhodWolfchild Etsy ; rings, sunglasses - H&M

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I could be another fool

I bought this dress with every intention of taking my scissors to it. However, when I tried it on again I found that I kind of liked the length, so I left it. Walking around downtown Fish Creek had me feeling summery and elegant as the fabric swished against my legs.
dress, hat, shirt - thrifted ; sandals - Target ; necklace - Beach People (Ephraim, Door County)
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