Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

spooky inspirations from posts past

This is my favorite time of year. My birthday starts out the fall season and then leaves start turning colors and there is an undeniable eeriness that creeps into the air. I decided to peruse the annals on my computer to come up with an inspirational post, so voila! These are some photos that have been taken in previous years, but they never fail to get me in the mood for the upcoming holiday. I also added a few photos that were never even published so this is their first time on the blog. If you're interested in seeing an entire post with outfit details, I'll leave a link under each photo that will take you to the original post. (By the way, I also wrote a post with tips for taking your own cemetery photos, you can find it here.)
//October 2009 // Original posts here and here//
//These three photos were never previously published on the blog, 
but were taken along with the photos posted here//
//Sneak preview of photos coming later this month!//
//October 2013//

Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY runes

The runic alphabet was being used by Nordic and Germanic tribes in Northern Europe as early as the second century B.C.E. Before they were used to form words, they were simply used to represent elements of nature. Today, many people use rune sets like this one for divination as a method to gain insight into a particular situation.

I made these runes using small black stones I gathered up in Northport (at the tip top of the peninsula). For the most part I tried to collect stones of a similar size and shape, but as you can see there are some variations, which I don't really mind, I think it adds character. I cleaned them off in the lake and made sure they were completely dry before adding the symbols. I bought a metallic permanent marker in bronze and used that to draw my shapes. I'm really happy with how these turned out - the marker worked beautifully on the natural texture of the stones and shows up quite well. I'm looking forward to making another set with some variations (I'm thinking of doing the symbols in silver next time). I'm also excited to learn more about rune casting now that I have my own handmade set I can use.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

wearing: vintage coat and ripped tights in Gills Rock

Today I took the van up to Gills Rock to take in some of the gorgeous fall coloring along the way. I was thrilled upon waking when I realized that for the first time this year it was finally chilly enough to wear a coat. I bought this beautiful vintage coat at a shop in downtown Fish Creek for $5, perhaps one of my best vintage finds ever? The sleeves are too short and there are huge holes in the pockets, but those things don't really bother me, especially for the price.

dress - c/o eShakti // coat - vintage // scarf - Brilliant Stranger // shoes - Fergalicious // hat - H&M

Monday, October 7, 2013

as my hopes have flown before

My mom bought me this awesome corduroy vest a few years ago when we were thrift shopping together and now is the time of year I find myself reaching for it over and over again. I guess it's the color and the texture that make it a perfect piece for fall. I can't deny that I'm enjoying the warmth that is lingering on the peninsula, though I am a tad anxious to wear all my pretty coats (including a gorgeous vintage one I scored for $5 last week!). All in good time, I suppose, I'll be wishing for these warm days back soon enough.
dress, vest, socks - thrifted // scarf - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, Wisconsin) // boots, hat, rings - H&M

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

sparks fly from her fingertips

I found these photos from a shoot I did with a friend back in October 2010 (my hair was so much shorter then!), and I thought they'd be appropriate for kicking off the month. Even though I'm always somewhat inspired by things of a sinister and macabre nature, it seems like this month really kicks it into high gear. I'm SO ready for an overload of witches, werewolves, ghouls, and headless horsemen!
dress, belt, jewelry - thrifted ; cape - handmade ; boots - Target
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