Friday, December 20, 2013

wearing: houndstooth coat and a vintage collar

I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that I bought this coat for $5. Seriously - it's so dang adorable. Since finding it, coats and jackets have been my favorite things to look for whilst thrifting. A lovely coat can pretty much make your whole outfit, and they're easy to remix with different accessories like scarves, hats, and boots. See how I last styled this one here.
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dress, coat, collar - thrifted/vintage // hat, booties, gauntlets - H&M

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

wearing: big orange coat and a floppy hat

These pictures were taken at a dock in Ephraim. Now the ice and snow covers so much of the bay that when you look out on the horizon on gray days like today it's hard to tell where exactly the bay ends and the sky begins! (Can you see Horseshoe Island behind me?) If only these snowy days weren't so effing cold. Ah well, at least I know I'll always go home to warm blankets, good books, and a soft kitty.
coat, hat - thrifted // scarf - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, WI) // gauntlets - H&M // boots - Simply Vera
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

wearing: red sweater in the snow

Snow fell continuously throughout the day and coated the peninsula in soft fluffy blanket. It was one of the most beautiful snowy days I've ever experienced, a truly quintessential winter scene, as if the whole peninsula was captured in a pretty snow globe. One day like this is enough for me to make all the miserable frigid days worth it. I love living in a place where I experience all four seasons! When I woke up and saw the snow out falling outside my window, I knew immediately I needed to wear something red because, seriously no other color looks as fantastic in the snow, amirite? I quickly was reminded of the utter lack of clothing in my closet that isn't black, so (while promising to right this issue soon) I decided again upon this gorgeous sweater. I pulled it on over a long-sleeved velvet dress and added a warm scarf on top of it and was pleasantly surprised at how warm I stayed.
dress, sweater - thrifted // scarf - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, WI) //
 hat, gauntlets, booties - H&M // bow tights - Target
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Friday, December 13, 2013

wearing: a pretty blue coat and an ochre knit hat

Here's the story of this hat. I was working one day last fall when a mother and daughter walked into my shop and started to browse. The daughter was wearing the greatest knit hat I'd ever seen, and when the pair approached the counter I said as much. She told me that she had just bought it a few minutes beforehand at a shop down the street. Well, hot damn! On my break I walked down to said shop and found the same hat the girl had been wearing, but better - they had it in my favorite color! Sooooo I bought it. The end. Or, the beginning.
dress, boots - thrifted // coat, gauntlets - H&M // 
scarf, hat - Brilliant Stranger (Fish Creek, WI) // tights - Charlotte Russe
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

on the inside we're all the same // skull makeup

Perhaps you remember this post I published featuring similar skull makeup? Well, I decided to revisit that theme this week - blame it on the subzero temperatures and lack of motivation to do anything other than make pillow forts, read books and drink tea in said pillow forts, and coerce my living mates into letting me draw on them. I definitely improved the technique from the last time, especially in the teeth which are far more detailed (compare the last picture in this post with the last picture in this post!). I absolutely love experimenting with makeup this way - I get to be an artist and also learn about something truly fascinating to me. Even though I took a class in college that focused on bones in the human body, the research I did before undertaking these projects helped me immensely in understanding the intricacies of the human skull. However, I was striving more for an artistic statement rather than anatomical correctness (for example, my "skull" shows 37 teeth whereas most adults only have 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth). I think the human body is so incredibly beautiful, I love celebrating it through this medium.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

wearing: black cape and a fisherman's cap

It's so strange to see myself with straight hair! I rarely straighten my hair, maybe once or twice a year at the most to make it easier to trim, but every time I do I am so surprised at the way it completely transforms the way I look. I leave it straight for a few days before I have to wash it and the beast returns...

Anyways...dis cape. Aw yeah. Here are the reasons it's probably one of the greatest things I own: it's black (duh), it doesn't have shoulder padding, it has a sasssssh, IT HAS POCKETS, and it's a cape. 'Nough said. Oh, and holy jeans on the blog! Never thought I'd see the day, but you know it's so friggin' cold I didn't want to take them off.
cape, ganuntlets - H&M // jeans - thrifted // cap - Aegean // scarf - gift // booties - Target
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