Thursday, December 11, 2014

just an ordinary fairy tale

I've had this dress for a few years, and even though I'm aiming to donate a huge chunk of my clothing collection, I can't bear to part with this huge pink dress. I scored it for a few dollars way back when I worked at a thrift store. It's a few sizes too big, so it doesn't fit too well, and I doubt I'll ever be able to wear it to an actual function, but I just love stepping into it and playing princess for a few hours. My hair may be messy, my nails free of polish, and my life in general a far cry from perfect, but for a moment none of that matters.

Check out how I styled this dress in the early days of my blog here and here!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

there is no beauty without some strangeness

dress - thrifted // flower crown - DIY'd

Sunday, November 30, 2014

happenings 11/30/2014

Well, gosh, it's been a minute. I've been through some things. New things are happening. Let me fill you in. So this few seasons I was living in my vintage trailer with my cats and my boyfriend. We had plans to pull the trailer down to Port Aransas, Texas at the beginning of December, and live there for a few months before heading back to Wisconsin. We even had a place reserved (an awesome RV park really close to the gulf). Well, my boyfriend decided to change things up and buy a house up here in Door County instead. Huge change of plans. Honestly, I wasn't too happy to be ditching our Texas plan, I had been really looking forward to it. But we decided we would perhaps take a van trip down there instead.

There was a one and a half month gap between when our park was closing up for the season here and when my bf was closing on his house, so we decided to stay with his parents in the interim. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my cats with me so they stayed with a friend, and I visited them every day.

Finally closing day happened and we started moving our stuff in. A few days later, however, I was moving out and into my own place. I'm in a pretty unstable place in my life and I guess, even though I've been upset about a lot of things, lately, it's good that I'm going to be in a place where I can sort things out, literally and figuratively.

In the next four months I plan on selling and donating over fifty percent of my belongings. I have moved six times in the past year (six!!!), and every time, though I'm hopeful it will be the last for a while, I guess I can never be sure anymore. But something I've realized after moving all my things that much in such a short amount of time is this: I need to downsize. My lifestyle is pretty transient at this point, and having all these things is getting to be quite impractical. It's not like I even have that much. But still, it's gotta go. I'll post some links when I decided to get some stuff for sale online.

All the money I make is going towards savings and a van trip that I hope to be taking next March.
My new place is nice, but pretty expensive (then again everything seems expensive after paying next to nothing in the trailer). It's only for a few months, and then maybe I'll move back into the trailer for the warms months. Anyways, I have my kitties back, and I'm living alone and without roommates for the first time in my life. This is a good time for me to reevaluate some things and see where the next few months lead.

Of course, I definitely mean to get back to creating regular content! I've definitely missed that part of my life. I'm glad to be back!

Friday, October 31, 2014

spooky inspiration 2014

Well, blessed Samhain and happy Halloween, readers! I always love posting a recap of past spooky inspiration shoots I've done, so take a journey down memory lane with me and enjoy a bit of the macabre and the occult. All details of the shoots can be found in the original posts, which you can get to directly by clicking the photos.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

wearing // DIY duster and a vegan leather jacket

Well, apparently I am becoming a huge fan of long long long hemlines. I didn't even realize how smitten I am with them until I was thinking over my purchases from the past few seasons. None of the hemlines are above the knee, and most of them are ground-skimming! Well, what do you know? Long silhouettes are just so classy and effortless, and I love the bohemian vibe they can add to an otherwise unremarkable outfit, like this one.

I fashioned this duster vest out of a jumper I found at the thrift store. The color is perfect, and it's a great heavy rayon material. All I did was cut the bad boy down the middle and BAM, success. What was once an oversized frumpy jumper is now a fantastic maxi vest. It billows out behind me in a quite mysterious and sinister way which makes me adore it even more. I love pairing it with this jacket, especially because the vest has nice big pockets where the jacket only has awkwardly placed chest pockets with a zipper teeth that mutilate your hands (if it wasn't for the pocket thing, this would be the greatest jacket ever in the whole world).
duster - thrifted & DIY'd // vegan leather jacket - Free People // shirt - bf's // boots - Target // scarf - thrifted

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What to Wear to a...Guest Post: Marlen

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog and immediately thought, "why haven't I been following her for ages?!" (Usually you're thinking this whilst constantly clicking 'older posts' as you scroll through her entire blog archive in a night.) Clicking onto Messages on a Napkin was one of those blogs for me. Marlen, the author of the blog, is a wearer of absolutely inspiring outfits, writer of hilarious anecdotes and heartfelt poetry, and curator of fabulous vintage fusion outfits. Her What to Wear to a... posts are always piquing my interest.

In honor of this wonderful time of year, I asked Marlen if she would create a Fall/Halloween themed What to Wear to a guest post to be featured on The Fabulosity Factor and she agreed. I'm so honored to get to post this on my modest little blog, and so happy to get to share a bit of one of my favorite reads with all of you! Please head on over to Messages on a Napkin and get to know Marlen!

  • Cemetery Spirit Tour items:

  • Midnight Palm Reading:
  1. Poetry for Jane black & white tent dress (only $22!!)
  2. Mango Peccary biker jacket
  3. 14x Bags mini leather fringe bag
  4. Zara patent bootie
  5. ASOS straw fedora hat

  • New Orleans Voodoo Shop items:
  1. Broke Philosophers denim smock dress
  2. Modern Hearts Vintage houndstooth cardigan
  3. Zara croc leather block heel bootie
  4. Ravishing Retro floral scarf (only $15!)
  5. Brown Loves Black wool fedora

  • Apothecary Cocktail Bar

  1. Deja Vintage Boutique Gunne sax skirt
  2. eLuxe crochet fringe crop top (only $25!)
  3. Urban Outfitters wide brim hat
  4. Mango biker jacket
  5. Urban Outfitters hammered high/ low necklace
  6. Zara leather western boot
Want to see more of Marlen? Of course you do. You can find more of her here:

Monday, October 27, 2014

like a cat in the dark

velvet dress - thrifted // hat - H&M // jewelry - thrifted // crystal ball ring c/o Victory Jewelry

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

wearing // DIY kimono duster

Maybe you remember back in the spring (where has the time gone?) when I posted this outfit featuring a kimono/shawl/duster I made out of an oversized dress (and here, too!)? Well, not too long after that I was thriting and found a dress almost identical in shape, size, and fabric, so I decided to snap it up to fashion another pretty duster.

If you are in the market for an awesome duster and can't afford one, or would rather just make one like mine, listen up! These are my tips. Thrift a dress that is a few sizes bigger than your dress size (again, my dress was a XXXXL), and this will ensure your duster drapes nicely while you're wearing it. Also, pay attention to the fabric! You don't want to pick a dress fabric that's too thick because it won't drape well. In my opinion, rayon, silk, or a very light polyester are the perfect kimono fabrics. Lastly, pick a dress that doesn't have a lot of structure - big and shapeless is ideal. Essentially, a big square with arm holes. Cut your dress down the middle (or pick a dress that is all of the aforementioned things that has a button down front and just unbutton the buttons!) and hem it with a sewing machine or by hand (or leave it raw, like I did).
duster - thrifted & DIY'd // fedora - thrifted // vintage scarf - thrifted

Saturday, October 4, 2014

wearing // velvet skirt and a vintage shawl

This is such an excellent time of year for mixing textures. Velvet, lace, fringe, they all coalesce into a perfect autumn ensemble. It's still not super chilly out, which I am quite thankful for. Colors, leaves, pumpkins - yes. Chilly, frigid temperatures - not so much. Anyway, I'm just glad to not freeze during any time spent outside without a huge sweater, scarf, mittens, ect. There will be plenty of time for that.
velvet skirt - thrifted // lace top - thrifted // sheer blouse - thrifted /// vintage shawl - thrifted //
 hat - H&M // pentacle necklace - DIY'd // boots - Target (old)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

wearing // DIY kimono and some great witchy shoes

Well, October is here and things are about to get witchy. Of course I'm always a fan of brimmed hats and all black ensembles, but this time of year it almost seems strange to wear anything else. So I'm kicking off the month with some major witchy vibes. This DIY'd kimono is a really perfect addition to my wardrobe. They way it billows out behind me while I walk is so sinister and mysterious...I love it. And these shoes. DAMN. They're Jeffrey Campbell O-Wilde's and I found 'em on eBay for about $20. I adore their pilgrimy '70's esque style. Lastly, this dress. It was one of those pieces I saw on my way to the register after trying everything else on. I fell in love with it - the perfect light little black dress with a drop waist and subtle embroidery on the top - divine. So I scooped it up and bought it without even going back to the dressing room to try it on because I already knew it would be perfect. And once the ginormous shoulder pads were removed it was.
vintage dress - thrifted // kimono - DIY'd // scarf - thrifted // hat - H&M // Jeffrey Campbell O. Wildes - eBay // jewelry - thrifted
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