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I don't know about all of you, but playing "dress-up" was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid. I had a big box full of fun clothes my parents donated to it, things they found at rummage sale, or hand-me-down costumes from friends and cousins. That "Dress-Up Box," as my family called it, was effing awesome. It was a sort of time machine, able to transport us to the future, the past, even other worlds through different articles of clothing.  And a lot of times, the things in there weren't fancy or very costume-y, like plain silk slips that became a princess' gown to a five-year old, or retro velvet collared shirts that became part of a spy's disguise. Sometimes my brother and I would even dress up just to play with other toys. Even when I became older and the box wasn't used as much, it still stored the all magic until we were ready to pretend again. I remember finishing the first Harry Potter book when I was about eleven or twelve and immediately rushing to the Dress-Up Box. I pulled out an old floor-length purple fleece nightgown, and that became my witches' robes.
Well, today I'm putting it to you guys that even though we're not exactly kids anymore, that doesn't mean we should stop dressing up. It doesn't! And, it may just be that I am preaching to the choir here, fellow style bloggers, and, in that case, huzzah! You get it! But sometimes even I need a reminder that it's OK. It's OK to pretend. It's OK to be silly. Even though I'm a girl, it's still OK for me to be Sherlock Holmes if I want to. Or Peter Pan. Or James Bond. It's more than OK, it's effing swell. Or, if you just want to rediscover your lingerie drawer, and strut around in your highest heels, that's freakin' OK, too! It's all OK, great, wonderful, MAHvelous, DAH-ling!
Even though many of us are busy with school, work, and family, we shouldn't lose that outlet for imagination. When I got the idea for this post I was just so darn excited, I get to play dress-up tomorrow! And, with the house to myself, I turned up the music and started pawing through my closet. And I had a blast.
Anyways, there are tons of benefits you'll reap when taking some time out to play around a bit. You'll rediscover clothes you had forgotten about. (Ahem, blackvelvetvintagepromdressthatwillsomedaybemy weddingdressjustkiddingnoI'mnot.) Clothes you find that a) you don't wear anymore b) are too small c) are too big d) you have no idea why you bought in the first place you can donate to your local thrift store! Yay helping people and helping you find more room in your closet! (Can you say hello major closet reorganization project? You don't have to go quite that far, but I certainly did! Can't sleep with clothes all ovah the damn bed!) Re-imagine ways to wear different things. Does this vest look better over thiiiiiis shirt or thiiiiis one? Belt this, fluff that. Boom, remix time. Maybe even try out a hairstyle or two that you pinned ages ago! Look at you go! And if all the above doesn't already make you feel good, look in the mirror. DA-YUM, girl, you hella fine. (Oh yes, I DID say 'hella.' And what?) Put on some red lipstick. Work it. Take a selfie. Post that fabulous mug on Instagram. Your hallway is now a catwalk! ME-OW. Strut. And, I might add that if there is a chance you are dancing to the music you put on whilst doing all this? BOOM WORKOUT FOR THE DAY! So much killings of birds with stones. Tweet dat. Hashtag ImSexyAndIKnowIt.
All right, I think you get the idea. And just because you didn't necessarily pretend save anyone from the Hound of the Baskervilles or whatnot, it still took imagination to dress up, make different combinations, wear that belt like a headband, what have you. And maybe you put together some great outfits that you will later be photographing when it's not negative eight million degrees outside. Maybe you found yourself a Halloween outfit for next year - yay stress and cost free! Perhaps you discovered that you have an effing wicked Scottish accent. (I bet you do.) Or can bust a move like whatshername. (Don't hurt yo-self.) Now, look back in the mirror and repeat after me: I, (insert name here), solemnly swear that I'm up to no good that I will never wear that horrendous sweatpants/fleece/arctic boot combination ever again! And mean it. Yes, people will stare. People will ask, "Why are you so dressed up? What's the special occasion?" Just smile and reply, "Life."
Because life is too short to be boring. And the amount of people who compliment you will far surpass any haters. (And do I really need to say that any haters are just jealous of your stylish self anyways? They wish they had the lady balls to pull off X like you. Come on, we all know that's how it is.) And when you dress up you feel confident. And when you feel confident you feel good. And when you feel good you do good. Pretty simple. (And don't forget that the best accessory is a smile. And smiling is contagious. Pass it on.) You feel me?
OUTFIT 1 >> hat - vintage // cape - eShakti // glasses - Claire's
OUTFIT 2 >> blouse - Sugarlips // hat - On Deck, Fish creek
OUTFIT 3 >> velvet blazer - thrifted Marc by Marc Jacobs // hat - ASOS
OUTFIT 4 >> blouse, sunnies - thrifted // vest - H&M // flower crown - DIY'd
OUTFIT 5 >> dress - thrifted // glasses - Dragonfly Vintage // cat - Luna :)
OUTFIT 6 >> dress, belt - vintage // choker - DIY'd // ring - H&M
OUTFIT 7 >> sweater/cape - Target // hat - Minnetonka // belt - thrifted
OUTFIT 8 >> blazer - thrifted // hat - Fish Creek Moccasin Works
OUTFIT 9 >> dress - thrifted // glasses - thrifted // cat ear headband - Claire's
>> all effects by Poladroid.net <<



Lostvestige said...

I loved dressing up when I was little, too! Something I haven't done in probably 10+ years. Perhaps it's time to go digging in my closet and see what I can put together ;-)

Carly said...

I agree with this :) I used to love dressing up when I was younger! I had various Disney costumes which I loved. I used to love trying on my nan's shoes too! xxx

Daria said...

I really love your blog!
Following you now, hope you will visit and follow my blog as well! ♥

Milex said...


The Style Rawr said...

Life really is too short to be boring and I love playing dress up! It looks like you had 'hella' fun. ;)

Tara xo

Larissa Pereira said...

I love the hats *-*
Great pics!

My blog: http://www.blogpeccos.com

Laura Whitman said...

These outfits are all so adorable! I really love outfit #6 - so pretty!


Sam said...

Hi Indy..so great to hear from you! How have you been? Love dress up as well. These are such cute and inventive looks and you look smashing in them all.

Ellie said...

Your childhood story is adorable! Love all your adorable outfits!


very fun pics, love it, pretty :)


Becca said...

Such lovely photos! I also loved playing dress up as a kid and still love to do so now! It's so fun!

Becca | Ladyface Blog

Joie Fatale said...

I LOVE the idea of a dress-up box even as an adult!
I have nieces and nephews and I think it would a good way to play and actually engage in the games they want to play. Or even for me, to get back to that raw creativity I had as a kid!

I agree, it takes a lot of lady-balls to go outside and wear what you want in a fun way!

Sadie said...

You look amazing in all of these pictures! So much fun to try out all the different looks :) xx

Anonymous said...

Your photos are magical! http://bethebteam.blogspot.co.uk/ x

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