Wednesday, February 26, 2014

music recommendations?

I listen to music all the time. I love to turn it up so I can feel the bass in my chest. I love the emotions different artists elicit. I love it all. (But really, who doesn't?) My favorite music comes from Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, Elvis Presley, Queen, and FUN. Oldies are my favorite, but really I like most everything. I'm trying to come up with a playlist for my upcoming road trip and I'd really appreciate your recommendations! I love discovering new music, and I'm really craving something new to get hooked on. I definitely don't discriminate when it comes to genres, so please suggest anything! (Here's what I've been getting funky to lately: this amazing Simon and Garfunkel remixRubbersouLthis soundtrack, and this travelin' song by Billy Joel.)
shirt, shorts - thrifted // tights - DIY'd // boots - H&M



Erin Marie said...

You've got to check out John Newman's "Love Me Again" and The Paper Kites. Also, Fossil Collective "Let It Go"! Love these black and white photos :D

Laura said...

sounds like you have a similar taste in music to mine, i like oldies, but really will listen to anything:-) (never heard anyone else express their love for it, but that bass in the chest feel♥) lately i've been listening to a lot of lorde, haim, chvrches and lionel richie.. don't ken if you'll like any of these, but can't beat a bit of all night long, haha! x

Fashion Musings Diary said...

Hi Indy ! Your outfit rocks! Why not try to listen tout Little Boots ? Their music is dreamy !

Bel McCall said...

Love these photos, they're awesome! Plus you have a great taste of music ;)
Take care

Michole Pruente said...

Maybe some Steam Powered Giraffe? Love their harmonics!!

Priya said...

thanks for coming by my blog! you are such a babe. I listen to music pretty much all day long at work, so I tend to make a lot of playlists. Since you mention you love oldies (meee tooo!) here's a couple reminders from my playlist called "Don't Forget!": Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty, Here You Come Again- Dolly Parton, Easy- Commodores, In The Air Tonight- Phil Collins. Hope you enjoy!

Also, I'm following along with you now :)

♥ perfectly PRIYA

kristen said...

Music! I've been loving Gorillaz all up and down lately, so I'll stick their Demon Days album on any recommendation list. Tom Waits is magic, too; if you're feeling like some classics (pre-80s) or insane beautiful scary sound experiments (TW 1983 and beyond) he's a wizard.

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Great music always has me bobbing my head to the beat haha! FUN has been one of my recent favorites- their music is way too good. Recently, I've been going a little old school and discovering old and new favorites of The Beatles. Their music always puts me in a cheerful mood :)

Anne said...

I love the photoshoot :) x Anna

Svetlana said...

The pics are amazing!
I love Bruce Springsteen too :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
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Marlen said...

these photos are so awesome, i love them! and have you ever heard of the band Head and the Heart? they're my absolute faaavorite. The band Daughters is pretty amazing too, especially the song Youth :)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

i.s. said...

gotta check out london grammar

Filipa Moreira said...

Amazing post!!!
Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!


J. said...

Downtown Train-Tom Waits, most Mother Falcon is good too.
Love the punk styling.

Josie said...

I usually prefer older music too! I've really gotten back into The Clash and Pixies lately! xxx

ivette said...

Like nietzche said, "life without music would be a mistake"..... i love music! And have it all the time with me too!
....i'm a fan of late 60s and 70s music, jimi hendrix, janis.joplin, jim morrison, led zeppelin, the who, beatles, rollibg stones, bob dylan, pink floyd...they are my gods!
...but i gues for a roadtrip i'd recommend you esperanza spallding, joni mitchell (a case of you), bob marley!...some good.old 90s music like alanis morissette, oasis, no.doubt, perhaps?....and definitely, elthon john's "tiny dancer"...that's a treat for the.road.
Where are you going anyway? Xoxo

Carolina Krews said...

Nice photos ;) xo

Dominika R. Scholzov√° PiecesofMyWorld-ByDominika said...

I like that in every article look different in photos

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