Thursday, February 6, 2014

southwestern road trip recap: the beginning

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram), I recently took a road trip out to the Southwest. It was definitely an experience! Seventeen days, over five-thousand miles, set foot in ten different states, and past lots of snow, sand, cacti, and glorious mountains. Honestly, if it wasn't for missing my kitty, Luna, so badly we would probably still be adventuring somewhere sans snow. Buuuuut we did return to the land of endless snow and have since started planning and looking forward to our next road trip (next month in my van!). I have a ton of photos that I'm going to be sharing, so I've decided to split them up into separate posts. Here are just a few from the beginning of our trip.
// Getting gas somewhere between Wisconsin and Iowa.
// Our hotel in Lamoni, Iowa.We didn't plan on stopping but we got tired a lot faster than we thought (oops). We arrived around 3am and it was below freezing at that point. The room kind of sketched us out, but at that point we were too exhausted to care. The next morning I went in search of the "complimentary continental breakfast" (aka cardboard doughnuts and coffee) and on the way stumbled (literally) over this gorgeous kitty. That made the whole experience so much better. Cats do that.
Well, that's it for the beginning! Next stop, Roswell, New Mexico! If you're interested in seeing more photos, you can always check out these links>>

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