Wednesday, March 26, 2014

between sense and nonsense

I usually publish inspiration posts like these sans text because I feel like the photos speak for themselves (each one a thousand words, no?) and I think it's important to let the readers take from the photographs what they will without me blathering on about them and potentially influencing their opinions. However today I wanted to share these photos and talk briefly about some of the pieces in them and the inspiration behind them. You may have noticed that this set of photos is pretty similar to some others I've taken in the past (see them here and here). So forgive me if they seem repetitive, but honestly the variations on this mystical theme are something I'll never grow tired of creating. 

So there was a little road trip I took recently (more photos from said trip coming soon!), and one of the stops along the way was in New Orleans. I definitely made sure to visit a few of the gorgeous cemeteries and also managed to squeeze in a visit to a couple of the witchy Voodoo shops in the French Quarter where I purchased this beautiful pendulum and the cowrie shells that are scattered upon the table (from this shop). I am fascinated by the mystical culture surrounding the city and am currently reading up on it from The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan.

If you have seen any of my photos recently on Instagram, you may already know that on my trip I definitely had the most fun finding shells on the beach and learning how to identify them. You can see one of my weathered finds from Myrtle Beach in the bottom right corner of the photos, added to the altar to represent the element of water. Also on my way through a rainy Panama City Beach (aka Crazy Spring Break Land 2014) I stopped one of those kitschy beach themed dollar stores just for fun and ended up finding some pretty awesome shell necklaces, one of which I'm wearing here. And I didn't just fall in love with everything shell related on my trip, I've had this fascination for forever! Take a look at this head piece that I DIY'd a few years back - made out of some gorgeous blue green shell pieces and a couple of tiny cowries. And, of course, this pretty abalone shell that holds my smudge and incense has graced my altar for years. Of course I didn't find those myself, but they still are beautiful.
I am head over heels in love with this effing amazing crystal ball ring from my sponsor Victory Jewelry. I want to wear it with literally everything and I think I might do just that. Notice how it just seems to glow in these photos. Ugh, so awesome.

The last thing I'll touch on is my makeup. A few posts ago when I asked for music recommendations someone suggested I check out Chvurches. And boy, I am now OBSESSED with this band. The lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, is so freaking stylish and her makeup is absolutely amazing. I'm definitely going to be trying to replicate some more of her makeup looks in the future. I actually didn't find a photo of her rocking the wedjat eye specifically, but I decided to add that cause I am forever crushing on anything and everything related to ancient Egypt.

Wow, that's a lot of text! If you're still around, yay! I just thought it might be interesting to give a little background on the shoot and share some of the things that are inspiring me lately. So many ideas and influences culminated to form this small project! I always love finding out what inspires the artists I admire and look up to - people are so interesting! Getting a glimpse inside of their mind is so satisfying and yet it still isn't, sometimes, if that makes sense. Kind of like finding out a clue to a mystery only to have it then become even more mysterious. Ok, now I'm rambling. Enjoy!
 dress - thrifted // headpiece - DIY'd // crystal ball ring - c/o Victory Jewelry // shell necklace - dollar store


Lady parisienne said...

Amazing photos!

Abigail ~ said...

oh my gosh. i have a little crush on ancient egypt too. i was sooooo infatuated with it in the 3rd grade.
lovely photography.
You're so good!


J. said...

LOVE! Your photos are always so amazing, very artistic!
And I agree, New Orleans is magical. I've been a few times and I never get tired of it. (It's seemed weirdly quiet since Katrina though, but somehow more inviting...)

Fashion Musings Diary said...

Wow! Such a great dose of inspiration! Your post is really amazing in that we get to share a part of your spiritual world. You've really got something special!

lucinda smith said...

so cool. i'm a twin so i've felt a connection to the extrasensory and have always been intreagued with the mystical. would love to hear more about your thoughts/knowledge on that subject.

by the way, you are gorgeous in these photos and the eye makeup suits you well!

The Style Rawr said...

Wowza, these snaps are incredible - like they could be used in a lookbook somewhere. I also love that crystal ball ring!

Tara x

Victory Jewelry said...

Amazing photos - I love this!! Happy you are enjoying the ring :)

Allie said...

omg these photos are FANTASTIC!

Johanna said...

Amazing and that ring is super cool!

Sam said...

Wow, these photos are so interesting, looks like stills from a movie. It truly depicts what i have heard/learnt about New Orleans, really esoteric! I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Happy Friday Dear!

Lady parisienne said...

Have a great week end!

Dominika R. Scholzov√° PiecesofMyWorld-ByDominika said...

I am glad to hear that you really enjoyed your trip =)

Nina Nelson said...

Beautiful photos! And I LOVE that ring too. I can see why you want to wear it with everything.

Mary Lou said...

wow that photos are pure magic! they let me speechless so amazing!!! it´s always such a pleasure to visit your blog!!

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