Sunday, April 6, 2014

girl reading // three

When I moved into my current house last fall I was delighted to find a cute little 'fort' space built into my room. It became my designated reading space because who doesn't love reading, or doing anything for that matter, in a fort?! You need a ladder to gain access and all the warm air gathers near the ceiling so it's pretty perfect for snuggling up with a good book. I even taught Luna to climb the ladder (which was mighty hilarious), and now it's one of her favorite places to perch. I'm going to be moving into a different house next month, and that place, though it is a much more awesome house in pretty much every way, it definitely doesn't come with any sweet built-in forts. Hence the setting for this installment of 'Girl Reading.'

I kinda want you to think that it was my idea all along to publish these photos with the illustration effect, but shemurr, it wasn't! Don't you hate it when you work really hard to take some awesome photos but then when you finally upload them you are kinda like well that was a gigantic waste of time because these all look like crap like woah they will be banished to the dark and dusty annals of my photo files where no one will ever see them. Well that happened to me today. Ugh. I was just about to close up shop when I started playing around with my editing software and turned myself into an illustration. I kind of loved it. So I went with it. So now I feel like the frizzy haired bespectacled heroine of some spectacular spy novel. Or something. And I have a furry black sidekick. I don't know, just go with it.

I'm reading A Break With Charity - A Story of the Salem Witch Trials by Ann Rinaldi. I am obsessed with historical fiction and this woman is the best. I literally have seven books of hers checked out from the library at the moment. (Yes, most of them are for Young Adults...but hey, I am super busy and in the middle of moving and sometimes a little YA is just what the doctor ordered. DON'T JUDGE. Plus, isn't 24 still a young adult? I'm going with yes.)
top - thrifted // glasses - Dragonfly Vintage, Milwaukee // ring - Claire's // berry crown - DIY'd


Launna said...

24 is still a young adult. Enjoy all the books you want to read... I don't think we should put an age on books :-)

Good Luck with move, I hope it goes smoothly ♡

Abigail ~ said...

i like it!
you do rather look like heroine and her cat from a story book.
great job

Lady parisienne said...

Pretty post :)
Have a nice week!

Lady parisienne said...

Pretty post :)
Have a nice week!

Sadie said...

Love these pictures, they look awesome! And I don't think it matters how old you are, you're never too old for a bit of Young Adult. I still buy from that section and my mum usually tends to borrow them to read too :) xx

doncia babe said...

Great pictures...and btw. when you asked: ,,who doesn't love reading?'' I was quite sad. I wish it was rethorical question for 99% of the people. Unfortunatelly, ,,reading society'' is shrinking every year. People read less and less...:/

Lostvestige said...

I'd say your photos were a happy accident! I love the way you ended up editing them. My favorite is the very last one with you and the kitty :) The beach house we stayed at last summer had a little fort like that. I loved it so much I wanted to build one in my house! Haha

libys11 said...

i love how the photos turned out!! they're pretty rad!

Animated Confessions

Dominika R. Scholzov√° PiecesofMyWorld-ByDominika said...

Interesting pictures =))

Laura said...

i hate it when that happens when taking photos! but even though these might not be what you had in your mind, i really like how they turned out! and your little reading space sounds lovely:-) x

AnnaLise Coble said...

Love that effect on the photos! Very cool! Also, I would love to have a little reading fort, only problem being me likely falling asleep in it all the time. :)

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