Thursday, May 29, 2014

road trip recap: Washington DC

It's been a while since the last road trip post, but here it is! I drove from Williamsburg, Virginia to Washington DC, and boy, let me tell you, that is the LAST time I try to drive anything, let alone a big ass van, through this city. The traffic is craaaaaazy and the parking situation is an absolute nightmare. Ugh. When I was there as a kid my family and I stayed outside the city and took the subway in every day and just walked around everywhere. That's what I plan to do when I go back - that would alleviate so much stress! Anyways, moving on. I was super excited to see everything in DC, especially having just spent a few days in Williamsburg immersed in Colonial history. I was able to see all the monuments and even briefly tour the Air and Space museum (it had FREE admission!). I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I get hella emotional being around all these historically significant sites. It's kind of embarrassing, thank goodness for sunglasses. I'll just the be one sniffling conspicuously hiding my watery eyes behind dark glasses. But seriously, especially reading the words in the Jefferson Memorial gave me goosebumps and had me sniveling away. ..."I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." American history has always been my favorite thing to learn about, and my ancestors are veterans of the Revolution. It was very special to be able to visit this place, even if I could only stay a day. (And I did get to see Barack Obama's house! What uuuuup?)

Monday, May 26, 2014

cast your dancing spell my way

Remember when I said that I've gotten the crafting bug lately? Well I got to work making some pretty flower crowns in addition to my jewelry! There's nothing to me that's quite says 'summer's here' as wearing flowers in my hair. And lately this warm weather has been making me want to go all boho gypsy and wear nothing but long flowing pieces of clothing and cool statement jewelry.
skirt, blouse, scarf, bangle - thrifted // rings - Target // flower crown, shell neckklace - DIY'd

Thursday, May 22, 2014

wearing // flowery dress and a velvet vest

I really really really really don't want to jinx this...but I think we're in the clear, weather wise. Today was the best day yet! After taking these photos I just sat in the grass and soaked up the rays for a while. It felt so good to finally be outside and not be chilled to the bone, let me tell you!

I recently got my hands on a few boxes of things I was storing at my parents house, and this pretty floral dress was in one of them (yay!). When I felt how nice it was outside I knew that it was a perfect day for it. I was going for a more flowery tea party look at first, but that kind of evolved into a flowery/rock n' roll/boho deal that I'm totally ok with. I stuck a huge faux hydrangea stem in my hat, slipped on my lovely crystal ball ring, and proceeded to enjoy the incredible weather.
dress, vest, bracelet - thrifted // hat - ASOS // Jeffrey Campbell Litas - eBay // crystal ball ring - c/o Victory Jewelry

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

sea treasures

The first time I ever picked up a sea shell on the beach was when I visited Florida on my road trip this past winter. I had never been to the sea/gulf/ocean before, so I was simply overjoyed to hear the sound of the waves, to see all the wildlife, to swim in the salt water, and to discover all the pretty shells under the water and up on the shore. This started a huuuuuuuge obsession! I want to wear them, decorate my home with them, and learn everything about them. I've got the shelling bug! 

I went antiquing with my mom this past weekend when she came up for a visit, and in one of the booths I found some pretty shells that had been cut in cross sections. Now, after finding all the pretty things on the beach I promised myself that I would never buy seashells again - finding them myself is so much cooler and makes them a lot more special. However, since these sliced shells aren't in the state I'd find them in on the beach, I decided to buy some. I'm having so much fun making things with them! Here are a few of my favorites - a few necklaces and a sea witch crown. I thought they went well with these super gorgeous rings I picked up at a shop on St. Simon's Island (Georgia!).
all necklaces - DIY'd // rings - souvenir shop, St. Simon's Island, Georgia // crown - DIY'd

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing...Conscious Clothing // Lingerie

A few weeks ago while I was packing for my move I came to the drawer that keeps all my underthings. I pulled out everything on the top layer - the things I wear constantly - and then began to remove all those pretty things I've bought in the past but seldom wear. Why does all that pretty lingerie sit forgotten at the bottom of my drawer? I thought. Because I'm "saving" them for a special occasion? Psh. On that special occasion chances are I went for that old t shirt bra that I know will make the fabric of some dress drape in that perfectly perfect way. And I probably didn't wear any panties to avoid lines, but really because, in all honesty, I hate wearing panties. (Hi, my name is Indy, and I'm probably going commando right now.)

So anyway...since packing is pretty much the bane of my very existence, that quickly turned into a lingerie fashion show consisting of me and my mirror. It all went on. All of it. My bras and panties are mostly from Victoria's Secret (I swear by their classic t shirt bras for work), H&M, and Target. Sometime during all this I started to examine the tags of the bras and panties and I guess I wasn't very surprised to see that none of them were made in the US. Actually, I do have some vintage Victoria's Secret bras that were made in the ol' US of A, and they are of such better quality than, let's see, yes, all of my other bras. And though it was fun prancing around in my pretty skivvies, I was kind of disheartened at the end of it. So that got me thinking a whole mess of things, and then later that night, instead of packing, I was searching 'handmade bras' online. That led me to Etsy, and that led me to...this.

This is an introduction to a series that I am so so so so so so SO excited to start - Conscious Clothing. It's starting with lingerie, but who knows where it will end up! Every couple of weeks I am going to be featuring an independent shop that produces gorgeous handmade underthings. Getting to know the women behind these fantastic shops has been so much fun, and I can't wait to share their stories and products with you. And I'm proud to say that in the future I will no longer be purchasing my lingerie (or other clothing, for that matter) from big box stores. I'll be supporting these lovely ladies I've met on Etsy, scouring thrift and vintage stores, and maybe making some of my own (yeah, right, but hey, maybe).

Here are a few of the shops I'll be featuring...
Do you know of any shops that provide quality handmade products, use sustainable materials, and have offer amazing customer service? Let me know! I love finding new shops to browse, and would love the chance to feature them, too!

Friday, May 9, 2014


In my book, nothing quite beats a black velvet dress. I have acquired so many because it seems that each one I find is a tad bit different in some way. One's sleeveless, one's off the shoulder, one has a fuller skirt, one is above the knee but with long sleeves...oh, the list could go on and on. I have found them all at thrift stores, and they're always very reasonably priced (never over $10).
dress, umbrella - thrifted // shoes - H&M // hat - ASOS

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I've really had the crafty bug lately. Last week just before we moved we went to Green Bay and I binge bought some jewelry making supplies and I've been crafting every day since the move. I've made a few necklaces, bracelets, a flower crown, and the crown I'm wearing in this photo! It feels good to do some creating again. When I moved to Door County my box of craft supplies was one of the ones I left behind at my parents' house. I thought I wouldn't have time and I didn't have room for all that stuff anyways. But I guess I do have time. And I miss it. I love making things.

It's also been kind of an excuse to put off unpacking all these boxes, but eh, there's always tomorrow. I just want to do so many things that sometimes I get overwhelmed and don't do any of them. Anyone else have that problem? Oy.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

happenings 4/27 - 5/4, 2014

Holy whoa, internets! It's been almost a week! Stuff's been craaazy (and still kinda is)! I moved! Hurrah! My new house is small, cold, and cluttered with unpacked boxes, but I'm so in love with it already. Here's a bit of background for ya...I moved up to Door County in spring of 2012 with only a carload of my things (clothes and books, yo). I moved into the bedroom of a house I found for rent online and continued to live there with my roommate/landlord until last fall. Then, I packed up my things and moved into the bedroom of another house. Even though the landlord didn't live there, the house was still full of his stuff, which was mildly annoying to me and my fellow roommates. I wasn't planning on moving this spring, but the house was on the market and it sold, forcing us to find a place and move at the last minute. Anyways, then, by some miracle I found my current place online and the rest is history. Up in Door County, the housing situation is horrrrrrrible, so I feel incredibly blessed to have found such a great home so close to all the places I love to go (beach, library, cafe, park). Annnnd, the best thing is that I don't have to share this place with anyone else (well, except the bf), and I don't have to live in a house filled with anyone else's things. That is such a lovely feeling, I can't even begin to explain how freeing it is! (Feel free to check out my Instagram for a peek into my new place!)

Here's what else I've been up to this past week...

Decorating my cluttered house with fresh flowers from my local florist. I brought home some carnations, tea roses, hydrangeas, and some pretty green ferns. When I worked at a winery/distillery I was constantly bringing home the cool empty sampling bottles, and they make perfect vases!

Thinking of all the cool things I could DIY with things from the hardware store.

Wishing for the warm weather to come to Door County! Hurry up already, let's get some blooms on these trees! I'd also like to open the windows in my new house some time soon!

Burning a ton of cinnamon incense.
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