Tuesday, May 6, 2014

happenings 4/27 - 5/4, 2014

Holy whoa, internets! It's been almost a week! Stuff's been craaazy (and still kinda is)! I moved! Hurrah! My new house is small, cold, and cluttered with unpacked boxes, but I'm so in love with it already. Here's a bit of background for ya...I moved up to Door County in spring of 2012 with only a carload of my things (clothes and books, yo). I moved into the bedroom of a house I found for rent online and continued to live there with my roommate/landlord until last fall. Then, I packed up my things and moved into the bedroom of another house. Even though the landlord didn't live there, the house was still full of his stuff, which was mildly annoying to me and my fellow roommates. I wasn't planning on moving this spring, but the house was on the market and it sold, forcing us to find a place and move at the last minute. Anyways, then, by some miracle I found my current place online and the rest is history. Up in Door County, the housing situation is horrrrrrrible, so I feel incredibly blessed to have found such a great home so close to all the places I love to go (beach, library, cafe, park). Annnnd, the best thing is that I don't have to share this place with anyone else (well, except the bf), and I don't have to live in a house filled with anyone else's things. That is such a lovely feeling, I can't even begin to explain how freeing it is! (Feel free to check out my Instagram for a peek into my new place!)

Here's what else I've been up to this past week...

Decorating my cluttered house with fresh flowers from my local florist. I brought home some carnations, tea roses, hydrangeas, and some pretty green ferns. When I worked at a winery/distillery I was constantly bringing home the cool empty sampling bottles, and they make perfect vases!

Thinking of all the cool things I could DIY with things from the hardware store.

Wishing for the warm weather to come to Door County! Hurry up already, let's get some blooms on these trees! I'd also like to open the windows in my new house some time soon!

Burning a ton of cinnamon incense.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Congrats with the new home! I also like to use small bottles for vases.

Panty Buns said...

The area around your new home sounds gorgeous. Congratulations on finding a new home there on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin. I consider the weather where I am (Long Island, New York) to be perfect at the moment, but I'm sure I'll be envious of you when the heat waves arrive here this Summer. Those flowers you brought home from the florist are gorgeous! You sound very creative. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It's a pleasure finding yours!


lucinda smith said...

sounds like everything ended up working out for the best! your new place and it's location sound perfect. that's awesome you have all those wine bottles because they really do make great vases (and cnadle holders aaaand if you're in the DIY mood, pick up a glass drill bit, lamp core, bulb, and shade at the hardware store and make a beautiful bedside lamp!) anyway. have fun settleing in and decorating!

Michèle Kruesi said...

beautiful photos.


Lostvestige said...

Congratulations on the new place! Sounds like it's TONS better than the last!

Sacramento Amate said...

A new place is always a new and better beginning.
Love the flowers.

Kerry June said...

those flowers are beautiful!

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