Thursday, May 22, 2014

wearing // flowery dress and a velvet vest

I really really really really don't want to jinx this...but I think we're in the clear, weather wise. Today was the best day yet! After taking these photos I just sat in the grass and soaked up the rays for a while. It felt so good to finally be outside and not be chilled to the bone, let me tell you!

I recently got my hands on a few boxes of things I was storing at my parents house, and this pretty floral dress was in one of them (yay!). When I felt how nice it was outside I knew that it was a perfect day for it. I was going for a more flowery tea party look at first, but that kind of evolved into a flowery/rock n' roll/boho deal that I'm totally ok with. I stuck a huge faux hydrangea stem in my hat, slipped on my lovely crystal ball ring, and proceeded to enjoy the incredible weather.
dress, vest, bracelet - thrifted // hat - ASOS // Jeffrey Campbell Litas - eBay // crystal ball ring - c/o Victory Jewelry


Dressed with soul said...

How good that you relaxed after this shooting although I have to admit that you already look relaxed on the pictures! I love the floral dress, great that you picked it up there :)

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

That crystal ball rings is gorgeous. I hope the weather stays perfect for you!!!

The Style Rawr said...

Gorgeous snaps! That floral frock is so pretty and you're sporting that dreamy ring again...Yum!

Tara x

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Such a pretty look!

Launna said...

Oh my goodness... I love the crystal ball ring.. how cute and unique.. I want one :)

I am sure you didn't jinx the weather in anyway... and I too hope the weather warms up even more... I want winter to be a distant memory.. :)

Gail J said...

you look very pretty! Love the shoes <3

Lorna Sharp said...

Haha I'm really like you always fearing that I kind something when I'm having good thoughts and mentionning them !
These are really beautiful pictures, i dont know whether you are on them or took them, cause i just found out about your blog but the personn who has taken it is talented !
'following you right away.

Lostvestige said...

I'm glad to hear you are finally getting some warm weather! The first few warm day of the year are always so amazing. Your outfit looks great!

Sam said...

I love this beautifully bohemian look, styled with great thought and flair. Thanks for your comment, have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Audrey Williams said...

You take such great, dreamy pictures! I love your hat and how you styled this bohemian look.


Jess said...

Lovely look and pictures! Great blog! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Jamie Rose said...

I'm kind of jealous that you can still wear tights! It's just too hot where I live already. They add such a cool pop of color to this outfit and look great with your floral dress.

Kati said...

Oh, I really like how these photos turned out! Love all the colours together!


Imogen said...

It looks like you’re enjoying the sunshine and I hope the weather remained that way for you. How exciting the you rediscovered such a lovely dress, it looks very beautiful on you.

Sacramento Amate said...

Just magical
Thank you for being part of Share-in-Style

taislany said...

aww, love the outfit.. very cuteee

L A Chhay said...

We too are finally having a run of good weather here in NC! Love this look!

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