Tuesday, July 29, 2014

rainy day gypsy

A quiet rain is pitter-pattering down on the roof of my trailer, and the delicious scent of wet earth hangs in the air. Luna curls herself onto my lap as I lay a spread with my Klimpt Tarot cards. Soup simmers atop the tiny stove. All is well.
sheer kimono/shawl - thrifted // skirt - thrifted // Minnetonka hat - thrifted // spoon ring - craft fair

Sunday, July 20, 2014

a peek into my trailer

Well folks, I moved into a trailer. Yup, a camper, rv, mobile home, whatever you want to call it. After dealing with landlord craziness and Luna's accident, we decided that for financial and mental health reasons we needed a change. And that change came in the form of a 70's Yellowstone Camper. It's been a few weeks, but I'm already in love. I'm not surprised. I loved traveling and living out of my van, so it makes sense that living more permanently out of a trailer would appeal to me. I'm slowly getting used to the campground life, and basically, I never want to leave. Obviously we won't be able to live out of a trailer in Wisconsin through the winter, but we're discussing potential winter destinations (eep!) and keeping our options open. 

I'm definitely going to be sharing more photos, I was just excited to finally be able to post these few. I've been working every day and mostly double shifts, so there's still some things to be done around the site, but it's slowly coming along. I borrowed some blankets and pillows from my van to decorate and it's amazing how much those little changes made me feel so much more at home. All the items in the photos are things I've thrifted. (You can see more of the trailer, decor, and campground life on my Instagram!)

Luna is quite at home in the trailer. She loves looking out all the windows and running back and forth from the bed to the futon. I put her on a harness and leash and take her out for walks almost every day so she can get some fresh air (I use the term "walk" lightly. Mostly we go outside and Luna flops over and refuses to move, or thinks I'm offering her a kitty salad bar and chews on all the greens). We installed an AC unit to make sure she'd be comfortable on hot days, but to our delight the weather has been super pleasant and we haven't had to run it at all! The best part about the trailer is that if we do decide to move for the winter, it will be easy to take kitty along with us, not worry about finding cat sitters or cat friendly housing. (Oh, and Luna is recovering splendidly! Thank you all for asking after her! It's almost as if she were never hurt at all, save for the funny shaved spots she is still sporting from her procedures.)

Campground life is delightful. Even though our trailer is equipped with a full bathroom - toilet, shower, tub, sink - I think it's kind of refreshing to just walk to the common building for teeth brushing and showering. It's a nice short little walk and then I don't have to clean the shower - win, win! And the people I've met here are just so nice! I wish I'd considered buying a trailer sooner - this really is the best. Ugh, I could go on and on, but I'll save some for when I have more photos.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

spell of the gypsy witch

vintage velvet skirt - thrifted // top DIY'd // vintage sheer kimono - thrifted //
 vintage fringe shawl - thrifted // both flower crowns - DIY'd // jewelry - thrifted //
 hinged knuckle ring - Target (old) // vintage chiffon scarf - thrifted // floppy hat - H&M (old)
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