Monday, August 25, 2014

wearing: leather vest and a black maxi

Thrift stores are great. (But you already knew that.) I love the potential. I love the one-of-a-kind finds. I love the feeling of finding something I've been wanting for a long time, or something great with the tags still attached. This vest was one of those finds where I really couldn't believe it hadn't been snapped up already when I pulled it off of the rack. It's a hand made (and homemade from the looks of it) leather vest. Usually vests at the thrift store are way too big in the body for me, but it's like this one fits like it was made with my measurements in mind. Oh, and it was only seven bucks.
maxi skirt - thrifted // homemade leather vest - thrifted // hat - H&M // leather jewelry - DIY'd ; vintage jewelry - thrifted


lucinda smith said...

i wish i had more patience for thrift stores, they're full of treasures i'm just too lazy to hunt for them. that vest is so cool and totally your look - i love the way you styled it with the maxi, hat, and jewlery. werk it girl! ;)

Whitney Waterman said...

This outfit is unreal. Great score with that vest!

Lady Lilith said...

Nice outfit. Love the hat.

Teddi said...

indy, this a total outfit fave! what a wonderful find indeed. yes i want the vest. all the reasons you mentioned are why i like thrift stores too. i still haven't felt like blogging, but i'm still alive. :)

Lostvestige said...

What a great find! Getting me in the mood to go thrift shopping :) love the outfit!

Marlen said...

whaaaaat, that is a golden, golden find!! I've been wanting a fringe vest for ages and have always hoped I'd find one for cheap at a thrift store. Fingers crossed there's another one out there. And love the photo where you're wrapped up in a blanket. It makes me happy :)

xo marlen
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HighlandFling said...

Your hand piece is stunning. I can't believe you found these great finds thrifting as well!?

Emma x

Mystery Blogger said...

I officially adore your style. I think I'll literally look up to you for the rest of my days. Wowwww.

New follower iNDEED.

Lorna Sharp said...

Ado ring this outfit girl ! You rock ;)

Love From Paris,


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