Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 spring thrift haul video

This is the first video I've posted on the blog in years, and it's the first one that features me talking (who else hates their voice on camera?!). It's obvious I'm a little nervous talking to the camera, but hopefully when I start making more videos, I'll start to be a bit more natural. Do you like seeing bloggers make vlogs? What other topics would interest you to see in this format?



Freya said...

I've begun making vlogs recently too, it feels so awkward sitting and talking to yourself doesn't it? Like you, I'm hoping it becomes more natural over time. I couldn't sense you were nervous at all when watching it :)

Panty Buns said...

I hate my own voice on camera, but I love yours! You look pretty on video! I love when bloggers make vlogs. I have refused to join Google+ so I can't comment on YouTube and therefore I LOVE it when bloggers have embedded YouTube videos on their blog where I can comment. I still can and do "like" and add videos to lists on my channel and can upload videos - I just haven't done so in over a year (naughty me). I subscribed to your YouTube channel, LOVED watching your thrift haul // spring 2015 - YouTube video and added it to the "Hauls and OOTDs" Playlist on my own YouTube channel. You didn't seem nearly as nervous as I felt whilst making my last YouTube lingerie review video. I like the sheer U.S.A. made top at 4:01 of the video. The burgundy lace cardigan is pretty and would look nice styled with the light blue denim skirt or with the floral skirt - that floral skirt is pretty. It looks like the fabric is soft - I love the print, swingy look and elastcised waist. Your hair looks pretty. I hope you'll consider stopping by my YouTube channel and subscribing? I know it's been over a year but I'm hoping to do more full briefs reviews in the future. I also just added your video to my "Liked videos" playlist (I gave it a "thumbs up". The red mini-floral Vintage Studio maxi-skirt is pretty.
Any subject you have blogged about in the past I would love watching YouTube videos of if you get around to making them. Kudos on this video - loved it.

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Sarah Albertson said...

You seem like a natural on camera! I didn't catch a sense of nervous-ness at all. I probably won't be making videos anytime soon because hearing the sound of my own voice makes me want to jump off a cliff, but I do enjoying watching other blogger's youtube videos. You found some amazing things! I can't wait to see how all the projects turn out!

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