Friday, June 26, 2015

a very boho wedding dress // part one

No, I'm not getting married any time soon. But I found a pretty awesome outfit to wear if I ever do decide to tie the knot! And guess what? This ENTIRE bridal ensemble cost me less than $30. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not planning on spending a grand amount on my wedding dress. No way! I thrifted this cropped top a while back and just recently found this GORGEOUS bohemian maxi dress. (I have really been into cream colors lately...this coming from a die hard all black wearer.) I was playing dress up and decided to pair these together and I am obsessed with the result. I have always thought of my wedding dress having long lace sleeves, so of course, I adore that part, and the silhouette is long and the skirt drags across the ground, which I just absolutely love as well. The veil is actually a super duper long sheer curtain I thrifted a few months ago. Hey, it works. And it was five bucks. I definitely like the idea of going the wildflower route - these Oxeye Daisies I picked right here. So...that's also a free bouquet. (Use all that saved money on your honeymoon, y'all! Like...a sweet road trip. In a sweet van. You know. Or something.)

As for my accessories, I decided to keep my jewelry simple - a few pretty vintage rings, a silver cuff, and one of my favorite choker style necklaces I made with leather and a very special shell. Then I topped off the look with an extravagant floral crown. I made this one for only a few dollars with supplies from the craft store. I love what a bohemian edge the crown adds to the whole look.

I decided to eschew my go-to dark polishes for the "occasion" in favor of Essie's pale pale pink, "Ballet Slipper," which is so lovely, and not at all overpowering. I used my favorite copper eye shadow (from the L'Oreal HIP line), which looks especially phenomenal on people with hazel eyes, like me, and I added a dark purple-y lip (Revlon's Va Va Violet). I let my hair do its own thing (per usual). I don't ever use any products in it - I prefer to keep my hair chemical free and happy. Plus, look at it, I don't think I could tame it if I tried.
dress - thrifted // long sleeved crop top - thrifted // veil - thrifted //
 flower crown - DIY'd // rings & cuff - thrifted // necklace - DIY'd


Laura Jones said...

you look gorgeous and the photos are beautiful too. this would be such a beautiful wedding outfit! xx

* Helen * said...

Beautiful dress, you look amazing! <3

I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

* Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


Laura Mitbrodt said...

Incredible photos, I love your dress

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