Tuesday, June 23, 2015

yoga // the beginning

My yoga journey started about five years ago. There were three of us in a friend's living room. This wasn't gym class yoga - this was something completely different - this was something beautiful. I believe my love for yoga came first and foremost from that first teacher - a dear friend. Though I was strong, I was mighty inflexible (I couldn't even touch my fingers to the floor from a straight-legged standing position), and I knew little of the poses or the practice of controlled breath. She was patient. She was kind. She didn't push. She taught me that one doesn't have to be perfect in breath or pose to be a yogi. Are you practicing yoga? Then you're a yogi!

Then there was about a four year interval where I didn't practice yoga at all. I lost what flexibility I had gained. I moved away, changed lifestyles, changed jobs, had my heart broken, traveled across the states, and finally was able to take a step back and realize that I needed yoga in my life again. I started taking yoga classes regularly last fall, and I don't think I'll ever stop. I started out taking Gentle Yoga and Flexibility once a week and eased slowly into Beginning Yoga, which I'm currently taking twice a week.

It has been so rewarding to experience my body becoming stronger and more flexible as I continue to practice yoga. (Now I can almost put my hands flat on the ground!) I am so proud of what my body can do. Not only is my practice beneficial to my body, it has also given me great peace of mind and a great degree of mental clarity at a time in my life when I am lacking stability and feeling stressed out over all the little things.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and photos with you. I know the poses in the pictures are not perfect, but they were fun to take, at any rate. I've only been practicing consistently for about a year, so I still consider myself  a beginner! If you haven't ever experienced yoga, I one hundred percent recommend taking a class or two to see how you like it. I truly believe that yoga can benefit everybody (and every body!). 

Do you take yoga classes? What is your favorite part about them? 
If you haven't, do you think you'll try it someday?
P.S. I made a "yoga" board on Pinterest! Check it out here, and let me know if you have a similar one - leave a link!


Laura Jones said...

i can't say that i'm into yoga, but i really like the photos:-) especially that first one! xx

Judith J. said...

I was really able to relate to this post. Thank you for sharing!

Sarah Albertson said...

I've been doing yoga on and off for years. I really like it and it's so relaxing so I'd like to keep it up this time. Your photos are really lovely and inspiring!

Beverly Houpt said...

Cool photos! These poses look fun. I did a little bit of prenatal yoga when I was pregnant, but I hope to do a little more now that I can bend in different ways! Have you hear of Buti yoga?

Bee said...

Well this just made me sob!! Love you Becca. You are now, as ever, the perfect student. So thankful for those first days of teaching with you. They were truly magical.

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