Thursday, August 27, 2015

casual bohemain bridal outfit inspiration

I had so much fun with my last boho bride outfit that I decided it would be fun to try another! This one is completely different - a bit more on the casual side. After comparing the two I don't know which is my favorite! I definitely like the shorter hem for a pretty little wedding in the woods! No hems dragging on the forest floor and getting caught on things.

This bridal ensemble was completely put together with second hand clothing and accessories, except for the crown, which I made myself. The most expensive part was the dress (worn under the peasant top), and that was $7 (the whole ensemble cost less than $20!). Since the outfit is more casual, I decided to go for a bit more of an undone updo instead of just leaving it down. I also decided on a pretty bold lip, keeping the rest of my face fairly natural.

I absolutely adore the farmer's market bouquet - so perfect for an end of summer wedding! Also, that tat is tooootally fake. I am kinda bummed about it, though. I picked out a really pretty light blue butterfly to use, but I guess when I peeled the plastic off of it, it only peeled off half? So I had only one wing transfer onto me. UGH. So I had to scrub that off and use this one, which I don't like as much for the occasion. Ah, well. Also, it's extremely hard to put temporary tattoos on your back by yourself.

Check out the other boho bridal ensemble I put together here and here! Which look is your favorite?
lucky brand peasant top - thrifted // dress - thrifted // flower crown - DIY'd // 
vintage concho belt - thrifted // coin necklace - thrifted // vintage rings - thrifted


Jessica said...

This is so lovely! I really like the idea of such a casual wedding, in a field, with just a few friends and a bouquet of wildflowers. You look fab.

Laura Whitman said...

Love this look - I think this one is my favorite! Also, your lipstick is perfect!


Sarah Albertson said...

These photos are so beautiful! I'm loving this outfit you put together and that is amazing it cost less than 20 dollars.

Panty Buns said...

You look beautiful in the field amongst the Queen Anne's Lace in your casual bohemian bridal inspiration outfit - and how very different seeing you in white instead of black! I love peasant tops, and the Lucky brand peasant top looks very pretty worn by you. I also love your bouquet of wildflowers and your DIY floral crown and your pretty lipstick.

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Laura Mitbrodt said...

These photos are so dreamy, I love the florals

Dominica Sygula said...

beautiful photos breathtaking.
Thank you for sharing this with us hun.
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julia said...

those photos are soso lovely... the lipstick is gorgeous on you ;)

matkailijakirppu said...

Great outfit and props! White dress is in such a great contrast with the summer nature! :)

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