Tuesday, August 18, 2015

wearing // overalls and a flower crown

Recently, my style has shifted to include a lot more comfortable items. I think this subtle change has a lot to do with the amount of road tripping I like to do. There's nothing worse for me than to embark on the leg of a journey with cute but uncomfortable clothing on. And it's definitely more fun to experiment with things other than leggings and big soft tees (but let's be real - that's my ultimate go-to driving outfit).

I stumbled upon these vintage Gap denim overalls at my local thrift store a few months back and tried them on. I usually wear a size small to medium, but even though these were extra small, I decided to try them anyways. I think that might be the trick to finding a pair that are more Demi Moore and less maternity/fishing waders. Find a nice vintage pair a size smaller than what you would usually wear! They fit like a dream (read: loose enough to remain uber comfortable, but not so loose as to appear sloppy).

My favorite thing to pair under my overalls are peasant blouses like this one, cropped tops, and fitted long sleeve shirts. I don't like feeling like I'm sloppy or too farmer-y in them, I try to keep them casual hippie artist chic.

vintage Gap denim overalls - thrifted // Lucky peasant blouse - thrifted //
 flower crown - DIY'd // Minnetonka Moccasins - Fish Creek Moccasin Works // vintage jewelry - thrifted


Sarah Albertson said...

Ooh I love this! It definitely looks very comfortable and chic.

Laura Whitman said...

Those looks so amazing on you - you just look so effortlessly chic! I'm sure they are super comfortable too!


Mindi Wooley said...

You are the cutest! I love your style :)
Thank you for the sweet comment on my post today, I'm so excited to have discovered your blog because of it :) Have a great weekend!

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