Thursday, October 1, 2015

wearing // vintage velvet dress

When I went outside to take these photos yesterday I found my arms suddenly full of goosebumps as a chilly wind whipped by. Mostly I'm sad as the warm weather fades away (I'm discovering that as I get older I have less tolerance for cold weather), but I was glad to have the chill justify my socks and dress choice. Yes, the time for all the velvet dresses is here, and I couldn't be more excited.

Last week whilst on the road in Michigan, somehow (ahem, it wasn't me!) both sets of keys got locked in the van (that also happened on my previous road trip, oops), and while we waited for AAA to come save us I took advantage of the free time to explore the huge Salvation Army thrift shop that was across the road. This lovely rose printed velvet dress was one of my finds for about $5. Honestly, I have SO MANY black velvet dresses, however they're all a little different. I adore the print and the button detailing on this one.

This outfit is very "me." My favorite and go-to looks are simple ones like this. A dress thrown on, some chunky rings, a bold lip, and hair styled by a good night's rest. I'm a very low maintenance person, and I feel like that's ultimately how my style tends to be from day to day, even if the theme changes. 

vintage velvet dress - thrifted // knee high socks - thrifted // vintage shades - thrifted // jewelry - thrifted


* Helen * said...

Gorgeous dress, you look lovely!

I currently have a giveaway on my blog, you could win a pair of sunglasses - let me know your thoughts:

* Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


radicalredneckdiva said...

Perfection! Like a black widow in the countryside, or a wheatfield siren, appealing to the autumn wind, seemingly unawares, luring unsuspecting prey of the local young country men.

Panty Buns said...

Your newly acquired velvet dress looks pretty and comfortable. I like the pretty embroidery, trim around the necline and the blue buttons. It must feel wonderful wearing it, and what a bargain at only $5 !!! Reading your post reminded me of why I used to have three of four sets of keys to everything. Your jewelry and dark lipstick look pretty too. Have a happy October!

Johanna said...

Velvet is so luxe...perfect time to whip it out. You look fab!

Kerry June said...

that dress is amazing, you've got awesome style lady!

Sarah Albertson said...

That dress was a great find! I love it!

Miche said...

I'm 100% jealous of the goosebumps you felt. I pretty much just sweat immediately when I walk outside lol. This look is amazing and the photos are goreous. Great thrifted find!

Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Marlen said...

haha well how lucky is it that you were locked right outside of a thrift store?! that's some good planning right there ;) I'm loving the vibes that you created with all your pieces. I seriously wouldn't even guess that dress was from a thrift store- the way you styled it, it looks something right out of UO :)

xo marlen

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