Sunday, November 8, 2015

equinox photography prints plus now available

I'm excited to share that some of my photographs are now for sale on Society6! I've worked very hard to put together these images, and I'm so proud to see them live on the site! And the coolest part is that not only are they available as prints, but also as coffee mugs, clocks, stationary, phone cases, laptop skins, and more! There are some photos that made it onto the blog, but most of them have never been published here!

Selling through this site is a fun and only temporary way to make a little extra road trip money, and to get my brand out there. I'm working on getting some of my work into local galleries, and maybe at that point I'll start cutting out the middle man and selling them myself. However in the mean time, I hope everyone enjoys taking a peak through my S6 shop!

If there's a photo you've seen on my blog and you're interested in seeing it for sale, let me know and I will make it happen. Also, if I'm lucky enough to have my art travel into your home, please please please send me a pic!


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