Thursday, November 12, 2015

wearing // all black and nightwalkers

Black is my favorite color to wear. I feel like while I'm cloaked in black can just slowly fade into the shadows, sit back, and observe. And then there's the fact that you can just mix all the blacks and be done with it. So here's a popular outfit choice for me - black on black on black. Absolutely everything in this outfit was thrifted (the shoes I scored on eBay, but guess that's thrifting, too, right?). I was especially excited to find this cardigan. I adore the extra long sleeves and the asymmetrical hem - so wonderfully witchy!

This hairstyle is my usual. I throw it up in a messy bun, sleep on it, and bam. And let's talk about the shoes...I was never a fan of the heel-less shoe look until recently when I realized how sinister and hoof-like they could be. I bid on this pair on eBay, not expecting to win at all. (I usually don't even bid on things, I'm way too lazy. The Buy It Now feature is bae for life.) But a couple of weeks later, having completely forgotten about them, I was notified that I was the high (only) bidder and had won. I was surprised how easy it was to walk in them (which is always everyone's question, how do you walk in those?!) It's just like walking in normal heels.
vintage express dress - thrifted // draped cardigan - thrifted // faux stole - thrifted // 
stockings - gifted // Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalkers - eBay // jewelery - thrifted // vintage Coach purse - thrifted


Panty Buns said...

Your "usual" hairstyle looks beautiful! I love the dark lipstick and your facial expressions in these photos - spellbinding! I also love how the fabric of your vintage Express dress and cardigan drape and cling to your form - beautiful.

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Abigail ~ said...

I'm a colors girl myself. I just love bright colors. But if it's not bright then it's black. there's no in between lately, it seems. I've recently got into wearing only black on some days. It's comfy, it's easy, but can look nice. This outfit is so rockin', black is bae!

Sarah Albertson said...

Your hair looks simply amazing! There's no way my hair would ever cooperate if I attempted to do that. And oooh my gosh those shoes!! They look so awesome! The perfect thing to complete this rockin' outfit.

Danielle Morgan said...

Ummmm... holy crap! Is it possible to be in love with an outfit, because I am head over heels (hah) in love with this one! Black is my staple color, so I'm incredibly drawn to this, and wow those shoes! The hair clips! Ahhhh!!!

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