Tuesday, November 17, 2015

wearing // another black dress and a vintage cape

It always amazes me how I am able to convince myself that I need another black dress in my collection every time I find one whilst thrifting. I suppose they are all a bit unique, and really, what's wrong with a witchy black dress for every day of the week?

I can't believe no one snatched up this gorgeous cape before I did, as I found it late thrift shopping on a busy weekend. It's one of those amazing pieces you can't find because for eleven months out of the year it's squirreled away in the depths of thrift store storage waiting to come out with the "costumes." 
dress - thrifted // vintage leather cape - thrifted // white boots - thrifted // jewelry - thrifted // bow - DIY


Abigail ~ said...

oh. be still my heart.
also the last picture is utterly perfect. Absolute perfection.

Sarah Albertson said...

One can never have too many black dresses! And wow, what an amazing find that cape was, the fringe is too cool!

Jessica said...

There's always room for another dress in the closet, isn't there? I love these shots, for a moment I thought the first one was a painting. Lovely.
Jessica, Zella Maybe

Danielle Morgan said...

Your first sentence is EXACTLY my thought process whenever I go to the thrift store. I have way too many black dresses to count, two of which are velvet and I love them so.

That cape is enchanting! You wear it well! =)

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