Wednesday, April 22, 2015

postcards from my latest road trip

I was fortunate to be able to hitch a ride down south with a friend from work (along with his dad, niece, and great niece...the latter of whom was throwing up in the seat right next to mine the entire ride down). We visited Tampa, St. Petersburg, Madeira Beach, and Santa Rosa Island. There was one day where it was sunny and warm...the rest of the week was pretty chilly, with freezing rain and even some snow on the way back! Once we were homeward bound we detoured a bit so we could take a drive by the Crossroads and Graceland (it was the middle of the night, so we didn't stop). It was a quick trip that didn't include much sight seeing or beach going, but it was still nice to venture off the peninsula for a little while.
We stopped for gas in Mississippi and stumbled upon this old little trailer park. I'd totally live there, I mean, look at that Spanish Moss! It makes even the trashiest trailer park atmospheric and lovely!
 Little dome house on the gulf coast. This one was on Navarre Beach. I would love to see inside one of those little guys!
 Storm rolling in over Santa Rosa Island. It was about forty degrees, but we stopped to walk on the beach anyways. Santa Rosa Island is probably my favorite place I've ever traveled to. I'm so lucky to have been able to visit again.

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