Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wearing: vintage maxi skirt and denim jacket

If you watched my latest thrift haul video, you may recognize this skirt! I really love the color, print, and especially the high waist. This vintage Gap denim jacket I thrifted a while ago. It's pretty perfect as far as denim jackets go, I'm pleased to own a classic. There was one I thrifted last year that that is REALLY similar (it's Guess brand), except the cut is a bit higher and there are no pockets! Why anyone would even consider making a jacket, especially a denim jacket, that didn't have pockets is beyond me. I mean, hello, where are you supposed to shove your hands when they get cold? Your phone? Your keys? So that's why I ended up with this one.

I wore this necklace in my last outfit post. I want to say it's because I haven't unpacked any of my other jewelry yet (I haven't!), but really it's because I don't even need unpack anything else because this piece is so perfect. This necklace goes with everything, and I've pretty much worn it every day since I got it in the mail. (Check out all of Victory Jewelry's other lovely pieces here!)
shirt - thrifted // vintage maxi skirt - thrifted // vintage Gap denim jacket - thrifted
 // vintage round sunglasses - thrifted // belt - thrifted // hat - H&M //
 necklace - Victory Jewelry // other jewelry - thrifted // Jeffrey Campbell Litas - eBay

Thursday, May 7, 2015

wearing: Harley tee and bell bottoms

Hey, hey! Today is my first day back in my trailer (hello, wireless internet!!), and holy cow, am I so excited to finally be back. This past winter just draaaaged on like it was never gonna end. Nothing against the winter, but, DAMN, I am so happy to be ambling around town in short sleeves. Short sleeves and...jeans?! Well I never thought there'd come a day when a jeans outfit would make its way onto the blog, but with my style being pretty dynamic, I guess never should not be part of the vernacular. Lately I am really into vintage tees, distressed denim (especially bell bottoms and cutoffs), and chunky silver statement jewelry. Lucky for me (and everyone!), thrift and second hand stores are perfect places to find said items on the cheap.

Ok, let's talk about hair. Do you see how RED I am?! I have never every chemically altered my hair color. This red is all thanks to 100% natural henna. Not only does the henna bring out my natural red highlights (like woah), it makes my hair suuuuuper soft and sleek. I've henna'd my locks about five times in the past few months, and I'm definitely going to continue. Have any of you ever henna'd your hair?
Harley Davidson shirt - thrifted // American Eagle bell bottom jeans - thrifted // hat - H&M // 
vintage Coach purse - thrifted // sunglasses - thrifted // cuff and rings - thrifted // necklace - Victory Jewelry
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