Monday, April 4, 2016

on some changes and the future of the Fab Factor

Hey guys. You may have noticed a lack of presence here on the ol' blog lately, and I'd like to address that. I'm not going to apologize for it (I hate when bloggers do that), but I would like to talk about some things I've been thinking about lately regarding blogging.

When this blog started (waaaay back in 2009) I was just starting college and kind of in a weird place. My boyfriend at the time had just gone away for college and I felt alone and frustrated. I took up blogging in my free time to take my mind off of boring daily life, and it turned into a hobby I would continue almost ever week until now. I was not (and have never been) a fashion blogger, but more a personal style blogger. I have mainly blogged my outfits, some makeup stuff, and thrift shopping hauls. And while I still love a good thrift shop haul, and of course I will never stop playing dress up, my main thoughts and my heart aren't really in the style blogger state of mind anymore.

I feel like I still would like to create content for this blog, but I think I want to take it in a different direction. I'm thinking about completely rebranding (changing the name, ect.), but I'm not sure yet.*** I'd like to post about what I'm more interested in devoting my time to now. The Fabulosity Factor has become more of a lifestyle blog in the last year or so, and I'd like to continue that.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm really thinking about my impact on the world, and what I have to offer. I am realizing what I don't like about the life I'm living now, what I want instead, and what I need to do to achieve that life that I desire. I would like this blog to reflect the journey I am on in order to share my stories, my hopes and dreams, my successes and my failures.

A lot of what my life is now is pretty green and earth-conscious, so that will be a huge theme going forward. Some of it will look familiar - clothing will be thrifted, bath and body products will be handmade at home, and there will be lots of pictures of my travelin' van. But there will be some new things, too.

I hope to see you guys around. I am always active on the Twittersphere and ye olde Instagram, even if I'm not around the blog.

***UPDATE The Fabulosity Factor is now The Equinox Odyssey! All of my social media is changed as well, please be aware.


mariafelicia magno said...

I like your blog I opened mine for the same reason.
I will continue to follow you whatever you decide to do

Phoebe said...

I'm excited to follow your journey, Indy! Change is a part of life, and embracing that change can lead to wonderful possibilities. All the best xx

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