Thursday, June 2, 2016

preparing to say goodbye

I'm currently home in Door County for the summer. I'm working my days (and nights) away to be able to save enough for a longer trip this winter. In my free time I've been enjoying soaking up the sun outdoors, either hiking or getting my hands dirty in my garden.

I sold my car to help out a friend who needed it more than I did, so I've been driving Trixy daily. I don't like driving the van for every day use because it's huge, and the gas mileage I get driving around town is terrible. However, I have developed a different kind of appreciation for the old girl having spent so much time driving her lately.

After the fiasco in Florida, Jasper is very adamant about the fact that Trixy can no longer be used for van life. She's too rusted underneath for repairs to be made simply, and undertaking any excursion too far away from home would be foolish. Of course, he is right, but my heart breaks to admit it. I've slowly been coming to terms with the fact that this summer might be our last together.

It might be hard for some people to understand, but Trixy means quite a lot to me. I decided to buy her on my own, and though friends and family thought I was crazy, I bought her anyways. She immediately became a symbol of adventure, freedom, and rebellion. I have had such wonderful experiences traveling across the country in her, and thinking of selling her in some ways makes me feel like my days of independence and adventure are somewhat behind me.

We've been searching for a new van, and I am certain we'll find a good one (one that was stored in the winters this time - no rust damage!). It still feels different. I'm no longer the single girl making crazy and brave decisions on her own. I'm a part of a couple now. Perhaps that will make for a more sound purchase, and I'm sure I'll appreciate that in the end.

For now we're taking as many little overnight trips as we can. We love to park by the lake and fall asleep to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. We remember fun times we've had, and plan adventures yet to come. Here's to summer, working hard, and planning well.

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Danielle Morgan said...

Sorry about Trixy. :(
At least this doesn't mean the end of traveling life! But I understand that she will always have a place in your heart. :)

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