Monday, August 22, 2016

bees in my backyard

This past summer is the first time I've ever had space to plant my own garden. It's my pride and joy, and I am just so delighted every morning when I walk into it and see it filled with bees and butterflies. Recently I have become fascinated with bees (if we're friends on Instagram, you might have seen my bee postings!), and have been reading all about them in addition to studying their antics in my own backyard.

Learning about the massive amounts of bees that are dying is quite troubling, as bees are an integral part of our ecosystem. (Watch the documentary More Than Honey on Netflix and observe humans in parts of Asia pollinating blossoms by hand because there are no more bees - it's horrifying.) Though I don't eat honey anymore because I'm vegan, I am seriously considering adopting some natural backyard hives in the next year or two (check out this book if you're interested, too!). I am just so mesmerized watching bees go about their daily business, and I'd love to help their cause in any way I can.
Psst...this photo is available as a print (and more) for purchase in my shop! It's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.

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Claire said...

Funny you should post about bees this week. A few days ago we were harvesting some late honey from our hives and the bees decided to be extra uncooperative. They were dive bombing our faces (lucky for us and them we were wearing bee suits) and we had to run around the yard shaking them off before we could take the honey inside. It was all at once frustrating, funny, and awesome to see bees doing their thing.

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