Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DIY road trip air freshener & disinfectant

When my van broke down in Florida last May we rented a car to drive down to the Keys. We grabbed what we thought we'd need for a few days and left. That night we slept in the car, and when I woke up the next morning the first thing I did was reach for my air freshener...which I had forgotten in the van. It was hot, humid, and there were two people inside that hadn't showered in a while. That little car was pretty ripe. I've never missed my van (and its permanent bottle of homemade citrus spray) more than in that moment.

This all natural aromatherapeutic "air freshener" doubles as a mild disinfecting spray and can also be used in the home. It's easy to make, and quite economical as well! I always make sure I have a full bottle with me any time I'm about to hit the road.

For a 16 oz. bottle (like mine) you need:
- 12 oz. distilled water
- 4 oz. vodka (I use the cheapest stuff I can find)
(If using a smaller spritzer, use a 3:1 water to vodka ratio.)
- 25-50 drops essential oil (my favorite is lemon - it's so fresh and energizing!)

Shake to mix, and be sure to give it a little shake again prior to spraying it. Leave it on the "mist" setting as you freshen up your ride.

Here's to some fresh and fun future road trips!

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