Wednesday, September 14, 2016

rain in the garden

This morning I was on my way back from delivering some banana peels to the compost pile when I was I was literally stopped in my tracks by how darn beautiful the raindrops looked on the cabbage in our garden. The cabbage, in itself, has completely won me over this summer by how big and beautiful it is, but the addition of the raindrops was enough to make me run inside to grab my camera. So, here are some pictures from my garden, just for no reason other than I was awed by nature and wanted to share. 


Jessica Samantha said...

The colors are so cool?!!! Did you take this with a macro lens???

Indy said...

Thanks, Jessica! I didn't use a macro lens, I used the 18-135mm lens that came with my camera - I love it!

Sarah Albertson said...

What a gorgeous cabbage! I love how raindrops look in the garden, so peaceful and pretty.

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