Tuesday, September 6, 2016

skull photography

The other day I was struggling to come up with some ideas for new projects. I was frustrated and felt a sort of writers block...but for photography. I pet my cat and looked around my living room and then it hit me - skulls!

If you've been around this blog any amount of time you probably know that I have an affinity for the macabre, and I love bones. I took an Anthropology class back in college where we learned all the bones of the human body, and I remember feeling really excited like, how useful is this!? I have all these bones...and so does everybody else! (Feeling like I learned something I could apply to everyday life is something I wish I had more of from my education as a whole. Learning the bones has stuck with me to this day.) Anyway, ever since I have been fascinated with osteology, and basically all human and animal anatomy in general.

I collect skulls and other curiosities that I find in nature, though some in my collection have been given to me by others. As a sort of disclaimer, I feel I should state that the specimens that I own are always treated with the utmost care and respect. I never forget that these bones once belonged to living, breathing beings. With this latest project I have tried to further honor the spirit of the animals by turning their beautiful bones into art.
More of my photography and designs are available for viewing in my new online gallery here

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