Friday, October 28, 2016

cackles the clown

These photos were fun to create, but the finished product is something I procrastinated posting because I wasn't very satisfied with the results. I was going for a really creepy clown, but I think what I ended up with was just a weird one...? Something is lacking, in my eyes, from my original vision. I found this clown suit when I was thrifting back in September. It is handmade, quite vintage, and fits me perfectly, so I was highly excited about its potential. I tea-dyed it, added the pom-pom "buttons" onto the front, and custom created, distressed, and dyed the collar out of an old tee shirt. And then America went *crazy* with creepy clowns.

Perhaps that is some of what is disappointing about these photos - the idea is no longer original (at least in 2016 it's not). I considered putting the costume away and saving it for another year, but I thought, what the hell, I was super excited about it, so here are my annual Halloween-esque photos.

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Danielle Morgan said...

I really like the photos! I think the costume is an awesome find. ^_^

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