Tuesday, October 11, 2016

spooky favorites // 2016

Another year, another, "I can't believe it's October already!" I always love looking back through my archives this time of year for spooky inspiration, so I thought I'd share a round up of my favorite creepy/Halloween-y themed photos. If you need Halloween costume inspiration, all of my outfits here are put together solely with items found at thrift stores - and not those ridiculously overpriced Halloween costumes they have there, either! Velvet dresses, old nighties, cheap formal gowns, and elaborate button-ups are just some of what was used. I love creating my own costumes rather than buying them - it's so much more fun to be creative and to use what you may already own in the first place. Happy haunting!


Jessica said...

Great photos, perfect for this time of year! I adore Halloween, and like you, I think the best costumes are a combination of regular clothes, some fun makeup, and the right atmosphere. Definitely some great inspiration here!
Zella Maybe

Danielle Morgan said...

Love the aesthetic of these photos! I particularly enjoy the one in which your eyes are foggy.

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